The Bump!

I have seen a lot of different maternity shots over the last couple of years and, whilst some of them are very lovely, its the ones shot by women that I mostly like.  The reason being that I think men shoot women in an entirely different, more sexy, way. 

Huge generalisation there.  But I think that most male photographers  see women very differently to the way that most women photographers see women.  You’ll note that I’ve italisized and underlined the ‘most’.  Wouldn’t want to excite a lot of male stereotyping rage.

When I attended the SWPP conference recently many of the photographers posed their brides as though they were awaiting a good ravishing from their groom.   Prone on the ground, arms thrown back behind heads in surrender, maybe hugging some bit of rock solid concrete in anticipation of the storms that they would shortly endure.  That’s nice. Not saying otherwise. 

But whilst there are plenty of ladies out there who like looking like they have been headhunted off Page Three, there are plenty more who want a gentler, more tender, more feminine image making.  And I think that maternity shots are one such area in particular where a woman wants to look like a beautiful mother-in-waiting.  Not a vamp having made a mistake!

So one of my lovely brides who has since become pregnant agreed, in the very latter stages of her pregnancy to pose for me as an experiment.  These are some of the results.  I’d like to do some more test shots if there is anyone out there who is pregnant and would like some free shots.  Just give me a call ladies!



My Mates Isabella and Harry

It has been a phenomenally busy time for Fotoamour and Bebefoto over the last couple of weeks. 

I have photographed several babies including the aforementioned Isabella and Harry as well as Darcy The Dog, Kate and Jon’s wedding and Fotoamour have also been honoured to photograph Hannah and Phillips wedding too.

So just so you can see what I’ve been up to here are some of the pictures from the shoots that Fotoamour/Bebefoto have been doing recently.  Wedding pics to follow in another post.


And here are some of the lovely little Isabella.  A true Daddy’s girl! 

How cute are those frilly knickers?!

I need a garter!

I’m not particularly partial to ‘The Garter Shot’.  You know – the one where the groom and his party get an eyeful of the bride’s garter-clad thigh.  Its a shot that belongs with a different school of photography to the one that I frequent.

However, I’m not averse to garters in general.  Just the predictable shots that go with it.

So if you’re looking for a very pretty garter drop by Stringer’s Department Store in Lytham centre and go into the card section.  They’ve got a really pretty one in a sort of antiquey soft lace.  A bit like the one here – won’t tell you whose thigh it adorned though!   Its not the kind of nylon lace that would chaffe an inner thigh either!!!

Well you know I don’t mince my words, guys!  Have fun x

What to do with your dress after The Big Day

The question of what to do with your dress after the Big Day may not occur to you until after the event itself.  Or maybe you’re one of those girls who has every little detail sorted.

Whatever you’re like, the probability is that you’re going to get the dress dry-cleaned.  If you’re going to keep it, you’ll want to make sure that its not going to get discoloured or damaged.  And if you’re going to sell it on – well, its got to be in tip top condition.

So here is a trade secret.  I know of a brilliant dry cleaners in St. Annes.  Even better, its only round the corner from where I live.

Fylde Coast Service Centre on Alexandria Drive (yes, I know it doesn’t sound like a dry cleaners but it is,I promise!) are incredibly professional and incredibly good at what they do.  They are old-school dry cleaners.  Meaning that they take time to explain the process to you and they’ll treat your dress with the respect it deserves.   They do repairs – great if you’ve ripped a hem with your Jimmy Choos!   They’ll even box it up properly – a boon whether you’re keeping it as a keepsake or selling it on.

And they don’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Fylde Coast Service Centre

9 Alexandria Drive

St. Annes

Telephone: 01253 722191

Something touched my heart…

…recently I’ve been photographing children for the Cherub’s scheme which is run by the MPA.  My particular customers come from the PR1 postcode area – Preston.  It covers a wide range of different types of people – well off and not so well off.  Young mums and older mums.  A broad range of cultures too.

This morning I went to Preston to photograph a little boy – only 2 months – and his big sister got in on the act too.  She emerged, tousle haired and sleepy, just as I arrived.  Then she ate breakfast and most of it ended up around her face.  She had this open expression on her face – completely trusting.  I think she’s lovely.  I hope her life turns out to be a rich one.

Here she is……..messy face and all.

Trafford Centre Wedding Show 19th/20th February

For all those wedding show fiends out there………don’t forget the Trafford Centre Wedding Show the weekend after next.

There will be loads of stands to have a look at and you’ll be able to check out all the latest weddingy stuff. 

AND you’ll also have the benefit of having a mooch around some of the high street stores to get ideas about dresses for both you and the bridesmaids.  If your man is wearing a lounge suit rather than the full dress suit you’ll have lots of different options in places like John Lewis/French Connection/Zara. 

So its really worthwhile spending a bit of time mooching round the shops as well as the show.

And, as usual, don’t forget to come by and say hello!

Amanda and Bill 20th March 2010

I’m ashamed to say that I never got round to posting the images from Amanda and Bill’s wedding in March of last year.  2010 was a year of change and was mad, panic busy on top.

Amanda and Bill’s wedding was one of those days where, even with great planning, things go a little awry.  The grounds outside the church were being dug up.  The minister patently had a bit of an aversion to photographers (though he was alright in the end).  And when we turned up at the reception – well, the doors were closed!

However,  Amanda was always incredibly gracious.  Always smiling.  Always happy.  A real lesson to all of you out there who are planning your big day to the last nth.  Somethings you just can’t control. 

But the reason that you’re there is to get that ring on your finger and cement the relationship with the man, or woman,  you love by stating your committment to them in front of your friends and family.  That’s the real deal.

So here, at long last, are the photos from the day.  Happy Nearly Anniversary Amanda and Bill.  Hope your dreams have come true.