So you want confetti at your wedding?

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Top Tip from the weekend’s weddings 

Throwing confettimake sure that your venue allow wedding confetti if its an important part of your wedding day. 

Fortunately at Rachel and Wayne’s wedding on Saturday at St. Peter’s Church, Fleetwood, they had a lovely minister who thinks that throwing confetti is all part of the excitement of the day.  (I have been to churches where there are ominous signs saying ‘No confetti’ – now how miserable is that?!  I’ve also been to hotels that are licensed for wedding ceremonies where confetti isn’t allowed at all and couples get charged a fee for cleaning it up, which seems odd to me when its a recognised wedding tradition.)

Similarly at Jacqui and Tony’s wedding at Salmesbury Hall, also on Saturday, there was no problem with it at all.  Sharon, who was in charge on the day, was a lovely lady who really understood what weddings are all about and she was more than happy for confetti to be thrown.

At Salmesbury it was fresh rose petal confetti.  Its terribly romantic but be warned!!! You need at least a couple of bucketfuls if its going to have any impact at all – whereas with traditional paper confetti (my favourite and the cheapest option but make sure that its bio-degradable, whatever you do) you can get a fantastically generous amount with about 10 boxes of the stuff.   And on photos it looks the business! 

Not every venue allows paper confetti though and there are downsides to it ie: when its wet weather the dye in the paper can leave faint marks on a white dress.  However, you might find that coloured petals also leave stains on fabric so be sure to check it out if you are having bright red petals, for instance.   If your florist is any good at all, they will have sprayed the petals with water to keep them fresh – and I have heard several brides comment on the fact that they got pelted with soggy petals at confetti throwing time.  So be warned.

Another option that some go for is dried petal confetti.  I think that this mainly appeals to the eco-friendly romantic.  In the boxes it does look very pretty – a bit like pot pourri.  And it smells nice too.  However, you won’t get any whiff of that fragrance when its being thrown, and I have to tell you that on photographs it looks entirely different to what you are expecting.  More like little bits of pink litter, or that nasty pink popcorn that you get at fun fairs.  Its also very dusty too and I’ve known more than one bride end up with watery eyes as a result of this dried confetti debris.

If you still feel that fresh petals are your most romantic eco-friendly option, do it in big style.   Think about where your guests  are going to be throwing it too – white petals get lost if your photos are against a white wall, for instance.  You need lots and lots and lots of petals to make an impact in the photos.  Remember if your florist says you need one basketful, make sure you order three!!  You can order them in cones, (again order three trays with about 2 dozen cones in each tray) which looks much nicer in photos but you get less petals per cone.  And give a very protective bridesmaid the job of guarding them until the photographer is in place and everyone is ready to sprinkle them over you in a wonderful fragrant shower.

Confetti shots can be wonderful and depict a moment of pure excitement and fizzing happiness during your wedding – or it can be a complete damp squib unless properly orchestrated.  And the person to do that job is your photographer.  So don’t leave it to chance.

Plan it properly, give the job to the right person, and enjoy the moment.

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First post

First post today.  I shall probably be blogging once a week if I can manage it.  If not, bear with me.

Fotoamour has got two weddings over the weekend so our photographers will be out in force in the Fylde coast area.  We will be uploading some photos in next week’s blog.

I have just taken delivery of another sample album, this time featuring Hayley and Nic and their two adorable children, Tilli and Gabriel.  Hayley and Nic are shown in the photo above.  A very pretty family altogether and I’m glad to have them as part of my showcase products.   If you are booking a wedding at The Preston Marriott this might be useful for you too.   I will be taking this album with me to the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool so hope to see a few of you there.  Come and say hello!

We’ve also had news today that we have a completion date on our house – 19th October so it looks like a frantic fortnight of packing and unpacking and setting up our new office. Coincidentally it seems that we are setting up home right next door to one of the largest wedding car companies in the North West.  How fortuitous is that?!  When you drop by to book your photographer you can also pop in to see the selection of wedding cars that they have next door.

I shall still be contactable on my Fotoamour number so no one needs to worry that I shall be out of touch.

Speak to you soon.