How to have a good wedding

So how exactly do you ensure a good wedding?

Firstly, and most importantly, choose your venue wisely.  This is more important even than which photographer you book – so you know I’m being honest here.

And you’re going to think I’m very biased but……the very best person to recommend a venue is a photographer.  

Think about it for a moment – they will have been to the venue many times.  They probably will have eaten there.  They will know the staff – and will have seen how previous couples have been treated.  They are ideally placed to advise on the best place to hold your wedding celebrations.

The one thing that you cannot control on your wedding day is the weather – so don’t even bother getting stressed about it.  Don’t go there! 

However, what you can do is minimisethe pain of, say, torrential rain by selecting a venue based on the interiors, the service, the quality of the food and drink and helpful staff.   If all these elements are right, your day will be magnificent and it won’t matter what the weather is doing outside.

Also ensure that the interiors are clean and tidy and have the sort of atmosphere that lends itself to the style of your wedding. Its no good booking an inner city hotel if you want a country wedding.  And if you do book a country hotel be aware that there is likely to be a country hotel style decor ie: gilt frames, horse brasses etc.  These will appear prominently on your photos and backgrounds will look  ‘busy’.  You are not going to get an uncluttered sleek and sophisticated look at this type of venue. 

Next thing – check out the loos.  I know that sounds a bit picky. But on your big day, in your big dress and posh shoes you don’t want anything other than a sparklingly clean ‘throne’!  Neither do you want somewhere that smells a bit whiffy.  Its not conducive to romance.  And its a big indicator as to whether the rest of the hotel’s hygiene is up to scratch.

I won’t be popular with hotels across the land but I also think the best judge of the quality of the wedding food is to taste it yourself.  I’m not talking about a meal in the hotel’s restaurant either – I’m talking about the food that they serve up to  guests at a wedding.  Restaurant food prepared for two or four people is very different to that prepared for 100 or 150 people. 

So ask your venue if you can turn up when another wedding is in full flow, pay for their main course and sit down in some quiet corner and eat it.  If they are confident in their ability to cater ‘en masse’ then I wouldn’t have thought they would have minded one bit.  But, oddly, its something that I have never heard of – and I think it should be ‘de rigeur’.

Next check out a few things BEFORE YOU BOOK.  A list below of questions you should ask:-  

If you’re getting married at the hotel do they allow confetti?  In the grounds ……… somewhere else?   Do they allow candles in your table arrangements? 

Do you have to book a certain number of bedrooms to get your date reserved?  Can they guarantee that you get the bridal suite? 

How many weddings do they do a day?  Do they charge an ‘exclusivity’ fee? 

Do they charge their ‘recommended’ suppliers a commission?  (Not really a recommendation then, is it?!)

Some of these questions might seem obvious, others less so.  But they should be something you get straightened before you part with any cash.

There are plenty of hotels around that offer a fabulous service – some which might not seem quite as aesthetically pleasing as others, and may not be the most trendy,  but win hands down when it comes to the things that are really important. 

So do your research and consult a photographer for an honest opinion.

I’ll be back soon.