Four weddings – no funeral please!

One of my favouritet shots from Kirsten and Michael's wedding

One of my favouritet shots from Kirsten and Michael's wedding

Its been a very busy week here at Fotoamour!

Cathy and Mark got married on Thursday at Farrington Lodge in Leyland, Lancashire.   I haven’t been there since its been ‘done up’ but was really impressed with the extension.  So anyone out there who hasn’t yet selected a venue I would recommend that you take a look.  I was very impressed.  Alison, who looked after Mark and Cathy, was very efficient too. 

Cathy and Mark enjoying their day

Cathy and Mark enjoying their day

It was a great day with a lovely, lovely couple and some great guests.  They were so friendly and I wished I didn’t have to run home to the children……….it would have been nice to stay and party!


The cake was by Emily Jane Moore, one of the recommended suppliers on this website.  As usual it was great – very simple this time but elegant.  And simple elegance was the theme of the whole wedding – at least, that’s what I came away feeling.  Hope I haven’t got it wrong!


Next up was Kirsten and Michael’s wedding at All Hallows Church, Bispham, Lancashire.  It is the first time I have ever been asked to submit my details to a church for their approval. Frankly I wish that there were more churches that did.   Why?  Because if every photographer was held to account like this, it would be better for the industry as a whole.  Photographers would be held to account and those that used flash at inappropriate moments ie: the ceremony, ran around the church with no consideration for the service, or just disrespected the sanctity of the occasion would be named and shamed.  And those that behaved properly would be rewarded for it!

Bebbington’s Carriages provided the horse and carriage, which was lovely, and the reception was at The Cliffs.  I was there a couple of weeks ago and have to say they are so friendly.   The reception room looked great today.

Another Fotoamour wedding took place today at The Great Hall at Mains.  This was for Danielle and Ian.  We’re just downloading the images now and the photos look great.  There have been several changes recently at The Great Hall so not sure what’s going on.  But I know that the food is always superb.  Everything looked very beautiful and Danielle looked fairytale beautiful.


Good luck tomorrow to Koo and Mark who’s wedding takes place at The White Church, Fairhaven.  Fotoamour will be there to capture it.  Lets hope the weather stays good for them!