Photography in church

It is the time of year for bookings – I’m getting loads of enquiries at the moment and lots of dates are filling up.

The most interesting issue figuring very largely is the use of photography in church.  I talk about this matter a lot because it is important and may alter your choice of church.  So don’t commit to anywhere until you have asked the question and got the answer that satisfies.

I have recently had three enquiries for the same church, where I know for a fact that photography is not allowed during the ceremony.  The only shots allowed are of the bride entering the church, one posed shot of the signing the register (as directed by the minister and not your photographer) and one shot of you both walking down the aisle afterwards.

This is not because the minister has any personal grudge against Fotoamour – at least I hope not – but he simply has a policy not to allow photography during a ceremony.  Videos get the thumbs up – I suspect because various churches will charge fee for the privilege of having a videographer on the basis of music copyright – but no such fee can be applied to having a photographer.

Each of these three couples were surprised that this was the minister’s stance on the matter.  They had assumed that it would be allowed.  They were equally convinced that they could persuade him otherwise.  I will eat my hat if this is the case – in fact a bottle of champagne to the first couple who manage to talk this minister round!    

One couple have been given the definite thumbs down, another is contemplating a substantial donation to the church funds for the privilege (this man cannot be bought –  I hope he can’t!  At least, I’d  be very disappointed for all the other couples he’s turned down!) and if this doesn’t work, changing churches.  Another couple have considered just how important it is for those pictures to be taken and decided quite genuinely that the church is more important than the pictures.  And I have to say, I agree with them.

Don’t think you can talk your minister round.  This is a view point that they have considered over time and they cannot, and ought not, change their minds for one person.  If it is that important to you, find another church where photography is allowed – there are plenty out there.

Take care and back soon.

Superlambananas and all that stuff

The 2008 City of Culture was on fotoamour’s list a couple of weekends ago and their famous SuperLambananas!  These unusual structures featured in Myra and Jon’s wedding in Liverpool on Saturday 23rd August.  ‘Don’t forget the Superlambananas!’  I didn’t – glad to say.  I almost didn’t make it home as I got locked in the TA Barracks where they held their reception and there wasn’t anyone able to let me out for a while.  Thought I was going to be recommissioned!

Another fotoamour photographer covered Rochdale on Saturday.  We really do get about!  The flowers looked wonderful at Emma and Dave’s wedding at St. Jame’s Church, Ashworth so have included a picture of them here.  Congratulations to their florist for doing such a wonderful job – actually as far as I can tell flowers were by Rachel – bride’s sister.  They really were very lovely.  The bride and groom went off to their reception at The Crimble Restaurant in a lovely vintage jag (I think – because I’m rubbish at cars!)

The following weekend we had weddings in Didsbury, Knutsford and Blackpool.  I will post more as soon as possible as the volume of working going through the Fotoamour office at the moment is the priority.  We need to make sure that you are all getting your preview books and those fabulous photomontages within the 5 week time limit that we state.

Hope you are all enjoying our lovely summer!   But when it comes to weather remember – the weather should be the last thing on your minds as far as your wedding is concerned.  Its all about the two of you getting married – that’s the most important part of the whole day.

I’ll post next week.