Mirandi and Stephen

Mirandi's flowers

Mirandi's flowers

I photographed this wedding last Saturday and, what with hosting some training sessions here, I haven’t been able to mention it yet.

However, I just want to say that Stephen was just totally utterly in love with Mirandi.  It was a beautiful moment when she walked up the aisle of St. Joseph’s in Ansdell and he saw her for the first time.  He was obviously so chuffed with himself for managing to capture the heart of such a gorgeous girl and couldn’t wait to kiss her! 

Its a great privilege to be a part of a moment like that and as a photographer you get to see it at first hand.   That’s why I like what I do.

Lytham is such a small place too that I knew some of the people there – the English and French teachers at my son’s school and one of their friends too.  

The Grand Hotel is a great place for a wedding and Caroline Shorrock is the wedding coordinator there.  She always is so efficient and leaves us to get on with our job in peace, that its a pleasure to be working there. 

I have also been working on getting the latest newsletter out to all my couples – some information about an exhibition, a new florists that has opened in Lytham – Zime Design and various bits and pieces. 

There are also a couple of wedding fairs taking place this weekend – one at The De Vere Heron’s Reach in Blackpool and the other at Manchester Airport’s Hilton Hotel.  Both are always very successful for us too.

Quite a few of the wedding books that were ordered before Christmas and straight after are being completed now and are winging their way back to us even as we speak.  So if you’re one of my couples and you’re waiting patiently for your books get in touch soon as I may have some good news for you.

Take care and speak soon.



An Evening with Stephen Bayliss 13th February

Hello again,

I spent a fantastic evening in the company of Lytham Ladies Circle last night at the Grand Hotel, St. Annes.  The event was their annual ‘Evening with Stephen Bayliss’ which raises money for Breast Cancer Research UK.

We were proud to support this evening by donating one of Martyn’s latest portrait ventures – A Day in the Life of….   to the Silent Auction.  I’m glad to say that it raised a worthwhile sum of money for the charity.  Martyn is also donating 10% of any sales which come as a result of the publicity he received that evening to Breast Cancer Research UK.      

Clarins, based in Stringers Lytham, were also on hand to offer advice and free make-up trials.  Again, when it comes to wedding make-up you could do worse than pop into Stringers and seek out Sammi for some top tips for the big day.

The meal at The Grand Hotel was excellent and I was delighted to see the return of the water jug to the table.  All too often in large hotels you have to pay for bottled water so it was lovely to see that The Grand have not adopted that policy.  It certainly didn’t stop the ladies from indulging plentifully in some of the other liquid ‘assets’ on sale! 

I’m not sure how much money Lytham Ladies Circle raised from this event but I am sure it would have been a substantial amount.  We’re proud to have been a part of it.

It was also great to see so many friends all getting on down to the sweet sounds of Stephen Bayliss.

If you want the most fantastic entertainer for your wedding, Stephen Bayliss is your man – he has the most fantastic voice and is also just a really nice bloke. 

The latest newsletter is on its way out to my customers within the next few days so watch the post.

See you soon


Barton Grange – one of our favourites 12th February 2009

Welcoming committee at The Barton Grange Hotel during last year's wet weather

Welcoming committee at The Barton Grange Hotel during last year's wet weather

Just returned from a visit to one of our favourite hotels, The Barton Grange not far from Garstang.

We love the Barton Grange – they provide a fantastic service to their customers and they treat us, as photographers, so nicely and with much respect.  So it is always lovely working with them.

They just had an open day there last Sunday so hope it was a success.  If you haven’t booked your venue yet, and didn’t manage to get there on Sunday it is well worth checking it out.

Just ask for Jane – and whilst you’re waiting ….pinch one of the nice sweeties from the  bowl on the reception desk!! 

(They also do a great lunch in the restaurant next door!)

Until next time x x x

Hurrah for marriage! 10th February 2009

Exchanging rings

Exchanging rings

Have you read the news recently?

OK.  Its official – last week the Archbishop of Canterbury was  championing marriage.  And its about time someone did.

Obviously it is a subject close to our heart as we make our living out of people getting married.    However we do ‘walk the walk’ as Martyn and I have been married for 17 years.

Staying married can be really difficult – particularly in the early years when money may be tight, and the arrival (or not) of children adds to the stress.    But the sense of satisfaction that working through the bad times brings, increases as the years go by.

Marriage isn’t portrayed as particularly trendy or sexy (strangely!) but there are some great role models out there.  Posh and Becks, for example, often get slated by the press but they have stayed together a long time whatever their critics may say.

So, in these times of recession when all around us are tightening the financial reins I’m glad to see that Rowan Williams AKA Archbishop of Canterbury is supporting the wedding industry!

More soon