Wedding shoes

Just read another photographer’s website and they had a really good tip about wedding shoes.


Brides spend a lot of money on really fabulous Jimmy Choos or Ginas and then go tramping around in grass and various places when they have their photos taken with the groom – the more romantic stuff.  The shoes get trashed and it is a wistful moment for any girl (and/or whoever paid for the shoes) when they realise that its either the photos or the shoes.  Generally having the photos taken wins the day and the shoes bite the dust – or the bride goes barefoot!


If the shoes win the day it means that the photographs are compromised – and vice versa.

So why not take along with you, stashed somewhere secret, a pair of white flip flops?  In this way the posh shoes don’t get hammered and the bride feels uninhibited for her photos, as well as comfortable.  I think its an inspired idea.


Also in this posting – I have been looking at lots of American photographers websites and blogs recently.  It seems that there is a real trend in brides to wear a gorgeously mad coloured pair of wedding shoes.  It looks absolutely fab and funky and gives another way of tying the colour theme of the whole wedding together.  In addition it means that you’ll get more wear out of the shoes – overtly bridal wedding shoes can only really be worn the once really.  With an amazing pair of say, pillar box red, shoes you’ll get a load more wear out of them – so its easier to justify the big expense! 


I have also noticed on these sites that American brides love boutonnieres (buttonholes) and they seem to attach a lot of importance to them – so much so that these boutonnieres are not fresh flowers but often made out of feathers and fabric and funky little beads and buttons.  Not in the naff way of dried or silk flowers where they are trying hard to be fresh – it never works. 


But these boutonnieres are funky and a bit off the wall.  And best of all you get to keep them afterwards as a really lovely memento of the day.  Framed properly they would look absolutely stunning.

Now it just so happens that I know a lady who could put something lovely together for you in boutonniere style.  Give me a ring and I will tell you where to find her!

Speak to you soon.


Louise and Darren

Just posting a few pictures from Louise and Darren’s wedding a few weeks ago.

I don’t like posting pictures without the express permission of the couple involved – what happens if I like a photo and they don’t, for instance?  And if I was a bride I would want to be the first person to see my wedding photos just from the pure excitement of it.  I just think that it is quite rude to post uninvited!  

 Although I know lots of photographers (and other wedding suppliers) who take it upon themselves to upload pictures – and stuff the feelings of their clients.   

But the pictures that I have posted here recently have all been with permission of the couples involved.  So Louise and Darren – I hope you love your pictures and see you very soon!

Louise getting swept away by some typical March weather

Louise getting swept away by some typical March weather

Louise sneaking a peek!

Louise sneaking a peek!

Kenworthy Dodds 280309

How cool is that background – thank you Roland Bardsley!

Hope you like these, guys, and see you soon to pick up your goodies.

Have a great Tuesday.  X

Sally and Will’s wedding

Sally arriving with Jeremy

Sally arriving with Jeremy


Just thought I would let you know that some of the pictures of flowers etc have been added to the Weddings, Vows and Videotape entry earlier this month.

Just couldn’t resist putting in a few more.

Ingham Rawkins 180409

St Georges Day in Lytham

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Lancashire today about the St. Georges Day celebrations that are taking place in Lytham this weekend.  It was probably my 15 seconds of fame (never mind 15 minutes a la Andy Warhol – it was him wasn’t it?).  And I didn’t get to say anything remotely useful either – like ‘Book your wedding here NOW!’.

But it was great to see all the people gathered on Lytham Green to watch the English flag being hoisted.  And it was so typically English too!  A brass band had been brought out for the occasion, the weather required a certain stiff upper lip and robustness of spirit and, on a Thursday morning, it was populated by the mainly retired and mums with kids in prams!  I think you get the picture.

Cool Dude Alex at the Bebefoto party

Cool Dude Alex at the Bebefoto party

I have been busy this week with a Bebefoto shoot – little Pip and her friend Alex.  They are lovely little poppets and the photos will be ready for Mum Jane  and Carrie very shortly.  Just a sneak preview though.

Sweetie Pip

Sweetie Pip

I was also helping Martyn with some jewellery photography for Yvette & Yvonne who loved the work that he shot – but then the jewellery is pretty divine!  Have a look.

Y&Y's funky jewellery

Y&Y's funky jewellery


The shot above isn’t necessarily what you might use for a wedding – upmarket party and daytime stuff really or fab bridesmaids gifts.  Y&Y have just started getting involved in wedding pieces – tiaras, necklaces, bracelets etc.   Have a look at what they do – it might be exactly what you want but haven’t been able to find on the tiara stands that you find at wedding shows or on the wedding High Street.

One of Y&Y's range of tiaras.

One of Y&Y's range of tiaras.


Then CJ Taz invited Martyn to provide the photography service at a United Utilities bash at The De Vere Heron’s Reach.  I popped into see Linzie Blundell there the following day and apparently our non-stop photo service went down a storm with their customers – its a great ice-breaker at any black tie event.  The secret is having a great photographer who can put people at their ease in front of the camera – and a great party atmosphere, which in this case was provided by CJ Taz Entertainment.  Its a winning combination – and we really had a laugh too.  Fotoparty uses the same technology and it provides a lot of fun for your guests, so its a great source of entertainment at a wedding.  I’ll load some shots for you here later.

Weddings, vows and videographers

Sally and Will got married yesterday and, I don’t know about them, but for me, it was the perfect wedding!

The ceremony took place at the splendid Stoneyhurst College in St. Peter’s Church and afterwards the happy couple zoomed off  in a white MG to Jane and Jeremy’s home where there was a beautiful marquee waiting for them.

Before the wedding at St. Peter's, Stoneyhurst

Before the wedding at St. Peter's, Stoneyhurst

A lot of direction had gone into the theme by Sally and Jane – and it was entirely appropriate to the time of year and the setting – an English country cottage garden in springtime.  So remember me talking earlier on this blog about having flowers appropriate to the time of year?  Well there was a profusion of daffodils (different varieties but I couldn’t tell you their names), blue grape hyacinths with touches of lavender all grouped in cream watering cans on the tables.  There were miniature terracotta pots holding tea lights, and place names pegged onto checked ribbons.  It was exquisitely done.

In the Jane and Jeremy's garden

In Jane and Jeremy's garden

Bouquets and buttonholes and table arrangements were provided by Earth Scent in Longridge, I think. The lady in question is Anne and I want to tell you to beat a path to her door as everything floral was exceptional.  I think Jane (Sally’s Mum) and Sally had very clear ideas on what they wanted to achieve so the direction was probably quite strong – nevertheless Anne’s input was essential.  According to Sally the fees were very reasonable for such a wonderful display.  They don’t have a website yet – but you can telephone them on 07817 988796 and their email is     

Beautiful flowes by Earth Scent

Beautiful flowes by Earth Scent

From a purely selfish point of view, Anne was also very easy to work with – really pleasant and allowed me to get on with my work unhindered.  I shall be sending her plenty of images of her gorgeous flowers from the wedding very shortly – as well as putting a few on here when they are ready.

Sally's bouquet by Earth Scent

Sally's bouquet by Earth Scent

Another high point of the day for me was the videographer.  The way that we tend to work at Fotoamour is that we don’t stage anything and document things as  they occur naturally – videographers mostly set up the sequences that they want to achieve. 

Apart from the lovely Mark Eckersley from Marlyn Pictures, that is.  Mark was a pleasure to work with and really seemed to have the same working approach as me – just observing things as they happened.   There was no jockeying between us for best position as they walked up the aisle (I’ve been elbowed to one side by some others in the past) and Mark even set shots up for me or pointed things out that would help me.  He was so nice to work with – no side to him at all and I enjoyed the day even more because he was one of the team and we had a laugh!   His website address is and he is based in Bredbury, Stockport. 

The tables - just before the wedding party were ready to eat

The tables - just before the wedding party were ready to eat

Finally, but probably most importantly as they actually recommended me for this lovely wedding, was Paul Rowley at Rowley’s catering.  We have photographed a number of weddings where Paul and his team have provided the outside catering service.  This time I managed to sample a very delicious miniature Yorkshire pudding and a gorgeous spoonful of shrimp.   Two sumptuous mouthfuls! 

Guests making a grab for Rowley's delicious canapes

Guests making a grab for Rowley's delicious canapes

Sally and Will gave a lot of thought to their reception and very sensibly opted for a cheese cake – whole cheeses of different varieties stacked on top of each other and dressed with flowers.  Its a great twist on the usual wedding cake which frequently gets left.  With a cheese cake guests can keep coming back to it all evening.  And if you have evening guests arriving all that needs to be added is some crusty bread and pickles and you’ve got the evening buffet sorted too.  I’m not sure whether Paul supplied this or whether it was from someone else, but it wouldn’t be difficult to source this and I have seen them at some wedding fairs, albeit a while ago. 

The Cheese Cake

The Cheese Cake

I don’t recommend wedding suppliers just for the sake of it, or because it ups my blog ratings (or whatever it does…!)  so you will know that if there is a name down here it is because they are very good.  If you  have an event coming up please contact Paul via his website

Ingham Rawkins 180409

I will be posting some pictures later this week so watch this space.  By the way, Paul, if you’re reading …. you look sensational in your chef’s hat!

Wedding flowers

dscf0230One of the lovelier aspects of a wedding are the wedding flowers that we often come across.


A good florist is a great asset to a wedding and can really enhance your wedding photos.  We have worked with a large number of different florists and we obviously have our favourites – but our criteria for excellence is often different to that of our clients.

For example, many florists will create lovely tall floral displays to enhance your tables and they will indeed look stunning and will create a huge wow factor.

From your guests point of view, they will become irksome because the person on the opposite side of the table will be obscured by the floral display, making conversation impossible.  From a photographer’s point of view this kind of display is a double-edged sword – on the one hand room shots will look stunning and on the other hand, they obstruct shots that need taking during the speeches.   It is impossible, for instance, to get a complete view of all the guests and yourselves at the top table – sometimes its difficult to get a shot of the two of you together at all without some irritating piece of foliage obscuring the shot – or disrupting the proceedings by changing position.


A good florist will advise you how to best to carry your bouquet, how to wear buttonholes, and how to best use your displays to obtain most value for money.   At weddings where I know the advice has been scanty, I always have to adjust the buttonholes!

Philippa and Allen's summer wedding

Philippa and Allen's summer wedding - flowers by Sarah at Reaseheath College

Floral displays, for instance, can be used both in the church and the reception – but this requires someone to move them from church to venue.   If the florist does this there may be a charge involved.  For those of you who read this blog regularly you will know that I value highly the time and skill of a wedding supplier  – the raw materials may be expensive but what you should understand is that time is also costly.   Having a florist in attendance on the day is an unnecessary expense and it also means that there will be extra fuss.  If you feel it is absolutely necessary then, at least, ensure that they are appropriately dressed and do not look untidy.

Having said this, I have attended weddings where bouquets have disintegrated as the bride and groom walked down the aisle and buttonholes have not been delivered to the church/venue early enough for the ushers to pin them on.  So it does pay to ensure that your florist has a good reputation.  Like photographers, you need to do your homework.


Jan and Darren's Spring wedding - flowers by The Buttonhole Kirkby Lonsdale

Jan and Darren's Spring wedding - flowers by The Buttonhole Kirkby Lonsdale

Be sensible when it comes to choosing your flowers too – anything out of season will be much more difficult to obtain and therefore, much more expensive.  Have spring flowers in spring, autumn flowers in autumn – you get the picture.

Finally, don’t get too carried away.  Flowers are beautiful and they do enhance a wedding but they can cost thousands of pounds.  Although bouquets can be preserved, the rest will only be enjoyed on the day or at best for a few days after the wedding.   It seems a bit strange to be spending thousands on flowers and then not spend the equivalent on photography.

In my mind the money would be better spent on your rings where the value will be retained and they can be handed down to your children.

Even better, spend the money on your photography so that you can capture the beauty of your flowers not just for a day or two, but for a lifetime.

But then I would say that….. wouldn’t I?

Lots of love to all my florists friends x x x

Good wedding car company

This is a good one for you all to check out – Brentwood Hire.

Being a girl I’m not much interested in cars – though I’ll have the feminists amongst you baying for blood – but frankly it doesn’t interest me much.  If it gets me from A to B that’s all I really care about.

However, I know that some of you out there will be pleased to have a car company recommended.

Brentwood Hire supplied the cars for a wedding that we did recently at The Great Hall at Mains.  I have uploaded a few photos for you to see of the car. 

However, you know it is absolutely against my religion to allow the general public to look at pictures of a wedding when the bride and groom haven’t seen them first.  Its just plain rude.  Couples should have the final say-so on what their guests, and the general public, get to see.   Obviously I am part of a dying, albeit somewhat more dignified and considerate, breed.

So the pictures you see here will only show bits of the very lovely car that Brentwood supplied or more general views where you can’t see the bride and groom themselves. 

Anyhow, on top of the fact that the car was super clean and impressive  was the fact that the service was excellent. The driver was very friendly, immaculately dressed and most importantly our photographer didn’t have to work hard to keep him out of the photographs.  Nothing personal, you understand, its just that we think you want wedding photographs of you and your guests – not the other suppliers.

So check out Brentwood Hire on  Telephone number 0161 643 7631  or email

Tell ’em Jo sent ya ……………..