Every wedding photographer’s nightmare

Consider your poor wedding photographer.

It is a beautiful wedding.  Everything is going well.  The guests line up for their groups without incident.  All groups are completed to everyone’s satisfaction within 30 minutes.   

The venue is so delighted that the photographer is (unusually) running to schedule that they decide to bring forward the meal by 30 minutes.


As wedding photographers we are at pains to ensure that we work to the timings that are agreed between the hotel and the B&G.   We pride ourselves on the fact that we very, very rarely ever hold up the proceedings.  In fact, most venues are taken aback when we tell them that our ‘formal’ work is complete.

But we are still counting on the mingling time – which is when we get a lot of really great shots.  The shots where people don’t know that they are being photographed – so they look natural.  Its also the time to observe children playing, grab those lovely little detail shots and ensure that you have a good picture of all the key players – before the proceedings move onto the next stage.

So when the hotel suddenly announces that they’re going to bring forward the meal, the photographer starts getting all panicky.  A bit hot under the collar.

It wouldn’t be too bad if there was some consultation with the photographer to ask whether cutting the time would cause them problems – but to have it just dumped on us is a bit naughty.

And on top of this – you the client, have paid us to be there until you go into your meal – and suddenly that’s half an hour earlier.  At Fotoamour we won’t photograph people eating – it looks nasty.  Remember that Catherine Zeta Jones moment?  A big forkful of nosh on its way to your mouth?  Not nice.

If you crop our photography time by 30 minutes – you also crop the number of shots we  can acheive and that you have paid us for.  Unless you also bring your speeches forward to the beginning of the meal (now have pity not only for the photographer but for those speechmakers too) it means that your photographer will be sitting around for half an hour before they are due to finish, not photographing anything.

So please…..please……and please again.  If you have agreed timings with the venue – make sure that they agree to stick to them.  Its as stressful for the photographer to have their time cut, as it is for the chef to delay the servings to accommodate a tardy photographer.

And another thing – no names, no pack drill.  As my mother used to say!


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