When do we throw confetti at my wedding?

Good question.

When DO you throw confetti at a wedding?  The answer is……’when you want to’ is the correct answer!    However, there are certain moments when it seems just right and some where it seems like a bit of a lame duck action.

Keri and Will's confetti moment

Keri and Will's confetti moment

After years of attending weddings as my job I think probably the most popular time is just before the Bride and Groom get in the car to go off to the next reception.   You will undoubtedly be asked to refrain from throwing it in the church grounds – though there are some real sweeties in our churches who are laid back about confetti debris in the churchyard.  Its fair enough though and doesn’t spoil the day at all – in fact I think confetti shots look nicer at the church gates and by the car.

Sally and Will outside St. Peter's

Sally and Will outside St. Peter's

That’s fine when its a church wedding.  But a civil ceremony at a hotel is a bit of a different matter and it doesn’t flow in the same way.

I would, for instance, wait for the B&G to exit the ceremony, have a hug, be given their drinks, move outside and greet their guests.  This is a possible confetti moment – though by definition its spontaneous and unstructured.  It doesn’t make for the best confetti shot this way, but it is at least a natural progression.

Kirsten and Michael

Kirsten and Michael

Otherwise, if nothing happens naturally I would want to set this shot up so that we get the maximum confetti impact.  This is often once the formal group photographs have been taken and it no longer matters whether the B&G are drenched in confetti or not. 

Becky and Lee

Becky and Lee

Hotels are sometimes a bit sniffy about your guests throwing confetti – it messes up the look of the place and they have to set to sweeping it up so all is perfect for the next wedding.  Fair enough – you wouldn’t want a load of soggy debris littering the place for your own wedding would you?  (But I have known some venues charge a fee, or’fine’, as they put it for clearing it up. Not the best public relations exercise if you’re trying to attract the confetti-throwing wedding market, methinks!) Check it out their policy before you book.

Emma and Dave

Emma and Dave

What does make a good confetti shot?  Loads and loads of confetti thrown from behind the B&G and not from the front – this way they just get a big fistful of confetti in their faces.  Throwing from behind over their heads means that their expressions are happy and relaxed and you get to see loads of confetti too. 

Guests are often worried that they will appear in the shot – well, you have been invited to the wedding so presumably that might be an advantage to the B&G.  But to reassure you, its likely that all you’ll see is the B&G, hands and confetti!

Best confetti – cheapo paper biodegradeable stuff costing about 75p from your local papershop.  Its sort of traditional, colourful and beautiful in a vintagey kind of way. 

Hope you like the post.


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