Looking for a great DJ?

Just thought I would post a few images of DJ Gary Mills from us meeting him at the Kirkham Grammar Yr 11 prom night.

A great bloke, a really appropriate music selection from the two events where I have seen him recently, and a natty dress sense too.  You see!  I always notice these things.   

Copy of DSC_2644-3a

Copy of DSC_2652-11a

Also just a word about Bartle Hall as they were really stupendous and they treated us really nicely.  There was one particular girl who went to a lot of trouble to look after us – I don’t know her name but she had blonde hair and was a real sweetie!  So thanks… whoever you are!  Also the manager, again whose name I don’t know, who furnished us very kindly with a great pot of tea.  And you know, from previous postings, how much I appreciate a cup of tea!

See you soon.



Carole and Mike

Carole and Mike got married on 24th May at The De Vere Hotel.  Two of the nicest people we’ve met and (fortuitously as we are in the process of renovating a house) Mike is a top notch joiner into the bargain. 

Just posting a few pictures here as they will soon be coming to pick up their preview book and montage.  Hope you enjoy looking at them guys!

Singleton Hughes 240509

Singleton Hughes 240509

Singleton Hughes 240509

Singleton Hughes 240509

The wedding took place on one of the first really hot days of this year – the sun was shining on them!  It was a real family occasion with people there for all the right reasons.

Congratulations Carole and Mike. X

Blow Bar…oh my goodness!

I just happened to be in my hairdressers yesterday … sadly not for me, as I am just too busy at the moment for such frivolities. (Writing my blog obviously!) 

Debbie who runs the hairdressers, David Thomas, in Henry Street Lytham is an absolutely fabulous hairdresser……dahhhhling!  Certainly she’s been cutting my hair for quite a while now though it has to be said that she is pretty tolerant of my whims.  Its not so much that I’ve stuck with her, but that she has stuck with me!

A little while ago Debbie launched The Blow Bar.    Yes, I know …. !  Let me put you straight on what happens here  – its a great place for you and a bunch of girlfriends to get together before a big night out, have your hair washed and blow dried into a fabulous creation before the ensuing evening’s entertainment – all the while clutching a glass of bubbly to get you in the mood.

And even more fabulous, Debbie told me yesterday that they have now got a Nail Bar (less likely to get loads of spam from that one, thankgoodness).  So not only can you go straight from Debbie’s to your ‘do’ with a fantastic coiffure but you have less time to chip your varnish on the way! 

Its got to be the best idea ever!  The telephone number is 01253 737171 – tell ’em Jo sent cha!

Emma and Pete

We did a wedding a few weeks ago at Statham Lodge in Lymm and it was a particular pleasure because Emma is my step-niece – sort of!  Brad is her Dad and my brother-in-law so it was really nice to be a part of the celebration. 

Here are a few pictures that we took on the day – hopefully we won’t give too much away as its mainly details but I couldn’t resist this really cute picture of one the guests!

Lloyd Smith 280509

Lloyd Smith 280509


Lloyd Smith 280509

Lloyd Smith 280509

If you have a sneaky wander around Statham Lodge, beyond the formal gardens, you’ll find  this amazing meadow full of wild flowers and lovely trees.  They very obligingly mow a path through it too – so obviously it is a favourite spot for photographers. 

And obviously it is because the BIPP NW hold their monthly meetings there. 

I must say that, Kelly, the lady that was in charge of all the proceedings that day was very friendly and helpful.  The flowers were very lovely too and they were by Mustard Seed.

Also a special mention for Jodie Smith, the hair and make-up artist – we think that she did a great job.  The make-up looked lovely – very dramatic eyes but not too over-the-top.  Hair looked great too.

I’ll no doubt post more very shortly.

Ansdell Primary School Ball, Ribby Hall

Every year Ansdell Primary School holds a ball at a local venue.  Its an opportunity for Mums to put on their gladrags and drag along their husbands, kicking and screaming against the indignity of wearing a dinner suits. 

The band, The Prohibition, at Ansdell Primary School Ball.

The band, The Prohibition, at Ansdell Primary School Ball.

Sadly my own two children have long since left Ansdell Primary School which I can, from direct experience, tell you is the best state run primary school in this area.  Not that I’m biased or anything.

The staff are amazing and they are managed by the inimitable Mr Redcliffe who is a top headmaster.  The Best. (Obviously apart from Mr Grice at St. Bedes which is where my children now go – and I didn’t need to say that as I expect that he won’t be reading this blog!)

This year they invited back DJ Gary Mills with a brilliant choice of music which is immensely important as Ansdell Primary School Mums are a wild bunch of dancing maniacs as you can see from the (heavily edited) photographs.  We saw Gary again at a do last night at Bartle Hall.  He is such a likeable bloke and this time he was dealing with a bunch of 15yr olds – the music was spot on.  Though one 15yr glam girl told me I was a bit sad (I was bopping along and patently this doesn’t look as good at  ‘hohum’ years old as it does at 15.  Thanks for shattering my ageing ego, Missy………..!). 

Gary’s number is 07920 102370 and you can email him at djgarymills@talktalk.net    You’ll need to book him early though as he is heavily in demand – apparently he’s doing  more work with Barton Grange and you know how much I love that place.  So we obviously have a lot in common!

 Also in attendance was The Prohibition – again, we loved them so much last year that they were asked again.  The lead singer lady was a real wow in her tartan corseted frock and punk platforms – I think she was one of the models at the Lancashire Magazine event I attended recently.  She is stunning as you can see from the photo above!

It is great music and, although I am sure they aren’t just in demand with  us mommas, the music was just edgy enough to make us feel like we were still about 17 and ‘happening’.

If you are having a party they would really steal the show!  Email them at theprohibition@sky.com  and ask for Johnny (telephone 07900 004115).

Will be posting more stuff very shortly.  PS.  Not posted any photos of the ‘do’ here, apart from one of Prohibition, as they are just embarrassing!

Sally Naden Show #2

So here I am, fresh back from my slot on the Sally Naden Show on BBC Radio Lancashire.  I shared the billing with Mary Curtis, clairvoyant and medium and Mark Foster, visionary speaker, therapist and coach and very interesting they were too.

I’m not sure that I said much about weddings and my top wedding tips – and you know that I have a lot to say about it usually! – but it was certainly an enlightening morning and I learnt lots about homeopathy, pyschic healing and the spiritual condition of today’s world.  Were you listening?

As is usual in Pearson conversation, the subject turned to Myles and his sport and his disability.  Hope it wasn’t too intrusive, Myles.

Sally Naden made the experience highly enjoyable and light-hearted.  She has a great talent at leading a conversation whilst hanging onto the original thread – making you all too aware of your own ability to waffle.  And she’s very gracious and doesn’t make you aware of your limitations at all! 

A few weeks ago I was listening and she happened to mention that her husband had called her ‘handsome’.  She explained that she was a bit put-out by the word.  Just for the record, Sally, I think that you are handsome in the very nicest sense … and its an underused descriptive word for women.  Better than being pretty  – a bit ditsy for anyone over 30, or attractive – so wishy-washy.  Handsome means distinctive, striking, vivacious.  Nice one Mr Naden.

Such was my excitement at the occasion that I came home and listened to it all again on iplayer.  What a marvellous invention that is!

Anyhow, thanks to those of you that tuned in – I could feel your support coming down those airwaves!

Just so you know I’m thinking of you I wandered into Debenhams on my travels through Blackburn and had a look at some of the wedding dresses in the tiny bridal department they had there.  £120 for a dress that really looks pretty good!  I was very much impressed and think you should all head down to the store and check it out yourselves!

Ka-pow! Event photography

Martyn and I will be attending the Ansdell Primary School Ball as guests at Ribby Hall on Friday night.

Ka-pow! will be bringing fabulous photos to the guests at the Kirkham School Grammar Ball at Ribby Hall on Saturday night.

Bebefoto will be exhibiting at the Bump and Beyond Show at Ribby Hall on Sunday.  Please come and support us!!!

Myles Pearson will be attending the St. Bedes Year 11 Prom Night at Ribby Hall next Wednesday night.

Now then………do you see a common theme occuring?  It would be easier to book one of their fabulous bungalows and just stay there for the next week, wouldn’t it?!  I’m going to take some photos at the Ansdell Ball and I’ll post them here next week.

Ka-pow! Event Photography is the new name for our event photography business that Martyn has been running for the last year.  He has just launched the Kapow website www.kapowevents.co.uk  where you will be able to find more details about the fun and superb photography service that he provides for party-goers!

But for any of you reading here with a party coming up – for instance, a black tie ball, corporate awards ceremonies, prom nights, school ball etc etc Ka-pow! is a great way to add a bit of extra va-va-voom to the proceedings.   Its not just about paying for a formal picture in your glad rags – its much more than that!

Martyn is often booked alongside a casino and chocolate fountain as an added entertainment for the evening’s guests.  The photographs are taken against a background and then transmitted to a screen where guests can choose their favourite picture out of several taken.

There is no limit to the number of photographs that can be taken – because nothing is printed until the guest is happy with the result.  Its a great way to enhance the evening and the proof of this is the number of happy guests leaving the event clutching their chosen pictures AND the fact that it is the Ka-pow! stand that is mobbed all night!! 

If you’ve got an event planned why not check out the Ka-pow website?  www.kapowevents.co.uk