Jodie and Lee 11th July 2009

Some of you will remember me talking about the wedding I did at All Hallows Church in Bispham recently – it was the wedding of Jodie and Lee.

Jodie is a live wire and, at the moment when the minister says…I now pronounce you man and wife, she raised her arms and cheered!  This day was obviously something that she had been waiting for!  However, there were moments during the service where she was slightly more reserved – although a lot of the time the hankies were in evidence!

Beaver Swain 110709

She is certainly very enthusiastic to see her photos – she was on the phone to me last night (just before the Rupert Everett documentary about Lord Byron – Gordon Bennett, Rupert Everett is a gorgeous piece of manliness!  And yes I do realise….. and he’s so naughty too. )  Back to Jodie – yes, she telephoned last night and said some very gracious things about the service we provided on the day.  Thanks, my love.

Beaver Swain 110709

This was a guest and I just happened to like the light and the colours reflected from the windows and back from the pink of her jacket.

Beaver Swain 110709

The driver was from Clouds Wedding Cars.  This is him coming up to accost the couple with a glass or two of champagne – sadly I sent him back down the path again as we were just about to do the confetti shot at the church gates and his lovely champagne flutes would have been full of soggy confetti.  What a waste of bubbly!  But he was very nice about it and later on I got this one of him popping his cork – so to speak!

Beaver Swain 110709

Again it was another wedding where the cake had a special meaning and this time it was actually Lee’s Dad who had crafted it.  I think he did an amazing job – certainly as good as any of the professionally iced cakes I’ve seen at wedding fairs.  I think his day job is something like a brickie or a plumber or something that you wouldn’t associate with cake decorating – so well done to you as it was a truly stirling job!

Beaver Swain 110709

Jodie also wore a pair of killer heels.  Lethal!

Beaver Swain 110709

The children all looked very sweet and the little girls carried lovely little baskets which were looked after by their auntie.

Beaver Swain 110709 So it was a lovely day and I am very pleased with some of the  pictures that we took in the Rock Gardens before we headed off to the Hilton Hotel.  But those can wait until Jodie and Lee have seen them.

Speak to you soon – and for ladies (and gentlemen) with discerning taste have a look at the Lord Byron programme on IPlayer – Channel 4 I think.  Purely for the historical and literary interest….


JK Wedding Entrance: The Kheinz – YouTube

If you want some inspiration on how to make an amazing entrance on your big day have a look at JK Wedding Entrance  on YouTube.

You’ll need to do a bit of persuading with our UK ministers to allow you to walk down the aisle to Chris Brown though…..

Rosalind and Richard 10th July 2009

It was Clementine who asked me to photograph the wedding of her sister Rosalind to Richard – just a few months back.  I had been recommended by Barton Grange (which is nice) and up until a few weeks back I hadn’t actually met them.   

Lumby Walton 100709

I hadn’t actually been to St. Francis Hill Chapel before and I really loved it.  It was slap-bang in the middle of the countryside but right next door to a lovely little primary school and the teachers allowed the children to watch whilst the bride arrived – they were all very excited!

Lumby Walton 100709

Inside the church the light was lovely.  I spent a few moments in there in the quiet, before everyone arrived, just looking. 

Lumby Walton 100709

It was quite an emotionally charged day for all the family and they sailed through it all with immense dignity.  A small party but everyone there mattered.  It was a privilege to be a part of something so special.

Lumby Walton 100709

They have two very cute kids – the photos are going onto the website early next week and it only needs approval  from Rosalind and Richard to let it go live but as usual I’m giving you a sneak preview of some of the stuff that I particularly like.

Lumby Walton 100709

Again it was at my most favourite hotel – The Barton Grange, and Genevieve was there to manage it all.  She is a truly lovely lady.

Lumby Walton 100709

NOW THEN….my friend Tom, who also officiates at Barton Grange but usually in the Barton Suite, has lodged a complaint that he hasn’t so far had a mention on my blog – and indeed hasn’t had his photo displayed!  All that is about to change when we visit tomorrow for Julie and Olly’s wedding.

Watch this space!


Good luck to Julie and Olly for their wedding tomorrow – hope you have the most wonderful day and we’re looking forward to being a part of it.

Joanne and Chris – 5th July 2009

Another wedding – this time at Bartle Hall and it was the turn of Joanne and Chris.  I first met them in February 2008 when they booked me to do their wedding photography and was impressed with what a straightforward couple they are.   I don’t think that things have always been easy for them in many different ways but they are one of those couples who just seem to get on and enjoy what they have.   Two really positive people with the most adorable little boys, Tyler and Cameron.

There were some classic shots from the day which they will see when all their work is ready to collect – won’t be long now guys.  But in the meantime here are a few to be going on with!

Lamont Williamson 050709

Love this shot – what’s Mummy doing now?!

Lamont Williamson 050709

The flowers were bright and went well with the sunny colours of the decor at Bartle Hall.  Flowers were by Klints – not come across them before but they look very pretty.  (Must be based in the Preston area).

Lamont Williamson 050709

Sophisticars provided transport for Joanne to Bartle Hall with a really discreet driver – no fussing around trying to rearrange the dress and getting in all the shots.  However, the car was really important to Chris and Joanne so we made sure that we got some good shots of it and that it featured prominently!

Lamont Williamson 050709

That is one very happy boy!

Halo and Ellis provided the dress and Slaters, the formalwear.

What about the cake?  Fabulous M&S ………..yum!

Zoe and Justin 20th June 2009

Zoe and Justin were a lovely couple whose wedding I shot on June 20th at St. Chad’s Church in Poulton and then afterwards at Stanley House in Mellor.Hall Dickens 200609

It was a very busy wedding with loads of people (lots of opportunity for studying some great shoes).  I also want to specially mention the bridesmaid – Emily I think her name was – who had the best whistle I have ever heard.  She did a very excellent job of rounding up the groups for me at Stanley House.  It was always going to take someone with a commanding presence and there was no doubting this girl’s ability to take control.  It was a proud moment for any woman uncowed by social convention to witness.  Emily I take my hat off to you (if I was wearing one obviously)!

Hall Dickens 200609

And talking about hats and taking off – it was fairly breezy that day and on her way into church, Zoe’s veil was whipped off into the air and landed on the memorial garden.  For a less robust bride this would have been a stressful moment but Zoe took it in her stride and calmly waited whilst the bridesmaids pinned it back in.

Hall Dickens 200609

Not a particularly good shot – but you get the idea!

Hall Dickens 200609

There was also a slightly surreal moment after the ceremony at the church where the ushers disappeared for a moment only to reappear holding platters of cooked sausage skewered by cocktail sticks.   No smoked salmon canapes for these two  but good hearty Northern fare served in generous quantities to sustain their guests for the arduous journey to Stanley House!  It was very endearing!

Hall Dickens 200609

I wonder whether this was an acknowledgement of  the little dachsund dog that was scampering round at Zoe’s Mum’s house earlier that day?  Just a thought.



Hall Dickens 200609

I think the flowers were very lovely and I have s0me great shots of them.



Hall Dickens 200609

I also liked the cake and at Stanley House they usually place it in front of the light which is brilliant because you get this lovely illuminated effect.  Well, when the sun decides to come out anyway!

Hall Dickens 200609

The weather was incredibly changeable – one minute Ok the next raining – and it was a bit overcast a lot of the time.   However, no one got their knickers in a twist about it and it certainly didn’t spoil the day – everyone was able to get outside into the lovely gardens and enjoy the view over the Ribble Valley.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos, Zoe and Justin – everything should be ready for you next week. 

Take care xxx

Florists:  Four Seasons, Poulton-le-Fylde

Toastmaster: Howard Wing

Dress:  Tye The Knot – St. Annes

Formal Wear:  Dan Kerr, Blackpool

Hair:  FX Leisure, Poulton-le-Fylde

Cake: Carole’s Creative Cakes, Blackpool

Best ever wedding shoes…..

Just did a Bebefoto shoot and came across these truly funky shoes which would do any wedding proud – Maisie, you have the very best taste in footwear.  So couldn’t resist putting a shot of them on this blog.


I can really identify with the sock mark problem, Maisie!

It is a while since I managed to put digit to keyboard to get this post done.  Just a few words about what’s been going on.

Firstly, we had Rosalind and Richard Lumbey getting married on Friday 10th at the most gorgeous little chapel out at Goosnargh.  Sat in the  middle of the countryside and bang next door to a primary school – wouldn’t you love your children to go to a school set in the middle of fields with the sound of the sheep baa-ing away whilst they’re working?  I have promised to send the teachers at St. Francis on The Hill Primary School some pictures that I took of the children looking at the bride arrive.   Lucky children having such amenable teachers who would let them be a part of this special experience.   The pictures are still being sorted out so will add some onto this post  when I get them back. 

This was a very special family wedding, with their sons Christopher and Joseph,  and there was a lot of good feeling amongst the guests – I particularly felt it and I’m sure that everyone else who was a part of the day felt it too.

Particularly liked the drivers at Broughton Wedding Cars who were very attentive to both Rosalind and her Mum.  Thanks for all your help guys. 

Flowers were by Diane at Fleurtations in Preston.

On Saturday was Jodie and Lee, one of my favourite couples of the year, and I just knew that with such a bubbly couple there would be loads going on and a great crowd – I was right.  They also had the cutest little girl, Ruby (what a cool name) but she wasn’t particularly impressed with her head-dress for the day – it has to be said.

Again, we had a driver from Clouds cars who was utterly brilliant – nothing was too much trouble and he was a real sweetie.  He also didn’t take offence when I told him to leave the dress alone so that we could get a clear view of the dress detail from the back!   Its lovely to have help from your driver but sometimes you just need to have a clear run to take the sort of pictures that you know your B&G will want to see. 

Flowers at this wedding were by Margarets Florists.

The ceremony was at All Hallows Church in Bispham followed by The Hilton Hotel.  I particularly like All Hallows as I feel that they have a really professional approach to photographers – in other words, they won’t let any old snapper in!  They also know exactly how things need to flow to get the best from your photographer.  However, it is a really dark church which makes it a bit tricky particularly if it is a cloudy day but to offset that there is a part of the ceremony where the minister brings the couple forward to the front of the church and the stained glass windows really illuminate the scene.

I try to avoid working on Sunday’s but Kate is a regular customer and there was a one-opportunity weekend where her brother’s family (complete with new baby, Lucia) were going to be around.  So I bobbed out early and we got some great shots to put together for a birthday pressie for Kate’s Mum.  I really like the look of the pictures and I’m hoping that Kate will too.

Children x 3

Haven’t really tweaked this image – more or less how it came out of the camera.  Love these boys – gorgeous.

Next up was the Dawson christening and I hope they don’t mind me putting a few shots up here – Rachel and Tim will shortly be leaving the area and they will be very much missed by loads of people around the Lytham area.  I wasn’t asked to photograph but couldn’t resist with all those lovely children around, and it was a lovely relaxed and slightly decadent afternoon with my favourites – pink bubbly and meringues!

 Just so you know – I haven’t had time to do anything with these christening photos.  They are as they came out of the camera.  I will be doing a little something with them so don’t think you won’t ever see them again.  Albeit a little tarted-up.

The Adorable Dawsons ………en masse!

Copy of DSCF1996

Rachel and Tim with the star of the day – Harriet

Copy of DSCF2017

Harriet with Fairy Godmother  Dawn – a ditzy bit.  Forgive me… couldn’t resist!Copy of DSCF1855

And this little chap who I sat and watched quietly, and in a most business-like fashion, consume a bowl of crisps to himself – apart from a few pretenders.

Copy of DSCF1782And Andy who is one of life’s lovely blokes.

Copy of DSCF1874

Copy of DSCF1905

A bit of window-licking perfectly finishes off a wonderful afternoon, I always find. 

The following day I got to photograph Maisie in her shoes (along with brother Oliver) and they are such adorable, edible kids.

So its been a busy few days and I’ve got loads of work to get processed. 
Wendy and David – don’t forget to call me as I’ve got your montage and preview book waiting for you here.  Andrea and Simon – not yet got your preview book back but am anticipating it arriving before the weekend.   Jane and David – looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and think you’ll love the pictures.

Everyone else – see you soon x

Wedding in Heysham

Some more pictures of a wedding I did in Heysham – remember me going on about Heysham village a few weeks ago? – at the beginning of June.

Sadly I have mislaid the details about who did the flowers, where the dress came from, cars etc.  However, I am sure if Andrea is reading this she will fill in the details in the comment section below….

Robinson Livingstone 060609

The bridesmaid was very cute when she was considering all the goings on with signing the register.

Robinson Livingstone 060609

This was a really good confetti crowd – there was bucketfuls of it.  It was quite breezy too so when it had been thrown it formed into little dancing whirlpools.  That combined with a fabulous pair of raspberry silk shoes made for a great shot.  

Robinson Livingstone 060609

I’m not sure that Andrea and Simon quite anticipated going down to Heysham’s beach (‘what beach?’ was their reply, I seem to remember!) and I don’t very often take my B&Gs very far away from the goings-on.  But I loved the Zoo cafe and the Lake District mountains in the background so I think it was worth it – and we only stayed a few minutes.

Robinson Livingstone 060609

If you’re reading Andrea and Simon, we’ll see you very soon.