Confetti throwing at weddings – again

Lamont Williamson 050709The posts that get the most traffic on this blog are about confetti and the throwing of it.  So it must be something about which you are interested and which is an important element of your wedding celebrations.

Beaver Swain 110709

So it never fails to amaze me that some hotels and venues that market themselves specifically at the wedding market won’t let wedding guests throw confetti.

Hall Dickens 200609

Even worse are those that won’t let you throw confetti …. unless you are paying them in one form or another.    Its so cynical it makes me wince!

Halton Turpin 230509

I recently shot a wedding at a well-known venue where the guests were not allowed to throw their own confetti.  Its a little mean spirited but, OK, if those are the rules that is up to the venue.  However, guests were allowed to throw the confetti (a measley 6 cones which hardly makes any impact and only allows for one ‘throw’) approved and supplied by the venue.  

Lloyd Smith 280509


Now I can understand venue-approved confetti – its a good idea and it stops that nasty shiny plastic stuff that birds eat and suffer from.   The best confetti is bio-degradable though, so really it shouldn’t be an issue.  Truth be told I’ve never, in nine years of professional wedding photography, ever seen a flock of birds anxiously waiting and ready to swoop down on  a freshly thrown carpet of confetti after the guests have gone inside for the reception – so I guess its not particularly attractive to birds anyhow.  But, for the sake of argument, I’ll accept that their own brand is preferable for the environment.

Valetini Johnstone 180709

What I do find sticks in my throat, like an unwelcome diet of confetti in a bird’s gullet, is that the venue is happy to supply a more generous and appropriate amount of confetti for a fee.    That just smacks of exploitation of a captive audience.


Neither do I think its particularly good form to discourage couples from a confetti shot with the threat of a ‘cleaning-up’ fee.  Especially not when you are selling your venue on the strength of its suitability for weddings.  Bit naughty, that one.

My advice to couples is this – check it out beforehand.  Throwing confetti is an age-old wedding tradition and a fun thing to do at your wedding.    If you are told it is ‘prohibited’ (nasty word to use when you’re talking about weddings) before you’ve booked I think its quite an indicator of their attitude to you as a whole, so be warned. 

If you’re told after you’ve paid the deposit – well…….frankly…… are you supposed to stop your guests from, at a certain pre-arranged moment, whipping out a box each of their own bio-degradable version?  Not your fault, is it?

Those pesky wedding guests……..will they ever tow the (wedding) party line??!!!!


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