Martyn Pearson Exhibition Private View – RSVP

Do you remember that husband of mine?  The one with the flowery shirts and strange sense of humour?

Well Martyn is having an exhibition of his work at a gallery in Lytham.  It begins next Thursday 4th March and runs for two weeks.  The work is fabulous – well, I would say that wouldn’t I?  A series of landscapes and still-lives with a bit of local stuff thrown in as well.   Mostly black and white with one exception.  All of them beautifully framed by David, who owns the gallery.

Martyn used to exhibit his fine art photography all over the place – California, Switzerland and London being the three most exciting places I can think of!  But since he got involved in shooting weddings a few years ago stopped shooting quite so much of his own work.  You tend to get side-tracked, don’t you?

He prefers to shoot on film too – so a little while ago when we went to Venice he started shooting some stuff there and then quite a lot more on the Il de Re last year.  And when he’s had the time he’s been wandering around Southport and Lytham too – looking at stuff through his lens and contemplating and pondering.  Finally he’s put together an exhibition.

Next Wednesday night he’s having a private view at Sides Gallery in Lytham (just off the Pleasant Street car park).  I have sent out invitations to those of you that I think stand a chance of getting over here but if I have missed you out and you’d like to come, please feel free.

Only just let me know you’re going to be there – we’ll need to crack open another bottle maybe? So RSVP to

And hopefully we’ll see you there.  I promise you, you’ll love it!

PS.  For those of you that are interested we’ll shortly be announcing some dates for Fotoacademy training courses – getting to know your camera better, how to take better photographs of your kids etc.  Martyn will be doing the training so you couldnt be in better hands. Jo X



I frequently get asked to recommend singers and entertainers for weddings – I don’t know that many because I’m usually out of the door before they start their part of the day. 

However, here are three that are currently very popular.  You’ll have to google them for contact details:

Stephen Bayliss – a great singer, a nice guy and one of my favourites.  I’ve seen him sing in St. Annes in front of about 200 ladies and he certainly went down very well …..if you know what I mean!  And he handled it so nicely! But don’t let that concern you – he is immaculately polite and lovely and a great singer. 

Paul Dobie is a bloke who I have known for ages.  He’s a great singer and good fun at a wedding.  I’ve been to weddings where he has literally had the guests standing on the tables dancing!  That’s a great recommendation.

Howard Wing – I’ve never seen him sing.  I’m sure he’s very nice and he’s certainly the in-guy at the moment.  If you google him you’ll find out more.

Hooper – they used to be a band that were really great fun.  Think  The Committments (if you can remember that far back).  But they are a band – not something really I think you can have going on in the background.

The Prohibition – fantastic.  I’ve seen them several times and they are funky and great fun.  Again they are a band you will want to watch, as well as to dance to.  So for the evening event rather than during the reception meal.

Linda Campbell – singer songwriter.  A very nice lady and well worth checking out – could be good for during the signing of the register bit and during the reception.  Probably not for evening entertainment.

So there you are – some ideas.  Let me know what you think.


PS Did a wedding a few years ago and they had The Singing Waiters – real-life opera singers who posed as waiters during the meal and then, bizarrely broke into song!  THEY WERE FABULOUS!  The most entertaining wedding breakfast I have ever been to!  Worth checking out if you can run to it. X

The one I keep forgetting…

Every time I see a new bride and they start asking me about wedding dress shops and designers I think back to a wedding that Martyn and I shot quite a while ago.

The dress was designed by Jenny Packham and it was utterly fabulous and incredibly sexy.  It was for a grown-up bride – a girl who is incredibly confident about her looks and can wear the dress, without the dress wearing her.  Its not about being young or older, slim or busty – or bustless! Its about the person you are. Do you get what I mean? 

I looked just yesterday at the Jenny Packham website and I love the stuff she designs – some dresses don’t do it for me at all (generally because I’m not getting married and not loaded!  I didn’t linger on the site but will go back and have a look at her evening wear).  But I like the fabrics she uses and the beading and embellishment.  The styles are very simple and very elegant and very funky.

So choosing a dress?  What do I advise?  Well, get down to London have a look at the Designer Wedding Show in Battersea, go into the wedding departments in Liberties and Harrods and John Lewis’s down there.  If you have time get to some of the boutiques belonging to the designers you favour. See what fabrics they’re using, the cut and shape of their latest looks.

Look on  and see what Chloe and Chanel and Alexander McQueen have in their latest collections – you can guarantee you’ll see a watered down version in your local shops in a couple of years time.  I’m not advocating that you buy a dress in London but that is certainly where you’ll see the latest shapes and styles – they take a while to reach the provinces.

Try on loads of stuff – take an eye wateringly honest friend with you and brace yourself for the truth.  Ruthlessly consider your shape, read up on what styles might suit it  and, when you stand in front of the mirror wearing a wedding dress for the first time, don’t be blinded by the fact that its a white dress with lots of sparkly, frothy, lacey bits on it. 

And please, please, please try on something other than a strapless gown – even if you then opt for one in the end! 

No pictures here this time but will be posting some very soon.


Best wedding dresses

This is just a quick blog as I’ve seen some great wedding dresses just recently – yes, amazing with me being so picky!

First on the list for you is a  new wedding dress shop I came across at the De Vere Wedding Fayre at Heron’s Reach on Sunday.  In particular there was one dress which was a bit greek goddess type of thing.  Or maybe I’m thinking empire line?  Don’t know.   It was very nice however.  It reminded me, in a small way of the dress Laura wore for her wedding to Chris last summer.

More to the point, however, was that I really liked the lady from the shop.  I think she is called Susan Nicholls.  Certainly she was very friendly and I think that you could feel pretty confident in getting some great advice on best styles to suit your shape.  I’m thinking of wandering up there soon myself just to say hello and check out what’s going on in Lancaster these days – the shop is called Butterfly Bridal and is in Lancaster at 20 New Street.  Have a look online at www.butterfly-bridal and check it out.  Telephone number is 01524 555899 if you need to make an appointment.

I also liked Karen’s dress with the little jacket – similar in some ways to the one that Abi wore in December, below, though you can’t really see it here.  But she just looked fab!Lots of little jackets appearing now – which looks elegant and just right for what is, lets face it, a fairly formal and serious occasion.  At least in the early stages of the day.  Later you can abandon the jacket but its nice to cover up a little for the ceremony.  In my opinion.  Just my opinion!

I also just want to tell you about a fabulous dress that I saw on a stand at The Barton Grange Hotel at their wedding Open Day a couple of weeks ago.  We’re talking Audrey Hepburn, sleeveless (but not strapless – makes a  change though don’t go getting huffy on me if you’ve got a strapless gown already.  Its just a matter of personal taste! ) and I think it was in ivory or white shot silk. 

I’m not really a diamante kind of girl but it had a big brooch type of thing at the waist.  It reminded me of a ambassadorial  or debutante ballgown type of thing. But certainly it was very elegant and very sweet.  It would suit a lovely French pleat type hairdo – or someone with a short funky cut – and not much in the way of a veil.  (I’m sure that Dreamcatcher would be able to suggest suitable ‘hair-wear’ in this respect but I couldn’t imagine what you would wear on your head with this dress – if anything!)

Anyhow it is the nicest wedding dress I have seen in ages. So – dash down to Dreamcatcher Bridal in Kirkham and check it out.

Despite the fact that I’m not a bling kind of girl this wedding dress that Alex wore, just over a year ago, was also very sweet and one of my favourites.  A bit of sparkley sequinny stuff going on and, do you see, straps?  Not so you’d really notice .. but straps they are!  Alex has lovely elegant shoulders and could get away with any sort of dress really. 

Strapless is a really difficult shape to wear unless you have a perfectly proportioned body.   Enormous boobs/small stature and you’ll look a bit barmaidesque – too small and you’ll look concave.  So I’m relieved to see some dress shapes coming in that can be a bit more flattering for a wider cross section of, what I would call, real women with real bodies.  Here endeth the lesson!

Finally, and thinking frugally, I saw advertised on the noticeboard at Booths Supermarket on Woodlands Road, Ansdell, Lytham (whilst I was checking out second hand breadmakers and random bits of antiquey sort of furniture that I occasionally find on there) a Maggie Solteiro (spelling?) wedding dress for a ludicrously small amount of money.  If I remember rightly its never been worn and it was in a ‘normal’ size.  No size zero dress this!  Why not check it out? 

Good luck and hope you have fun finding your dream dress!

How to get the best photographer for your prom…

At Fotoamour we have another string to our bow – we do event photography.  You’ll see it under the headings on our site called Fotoparty! 

Just recently we’ve done some fab parties – where we’ve started off at 7.30 and haven’t stopped shooting and printing til 12.30am!  Mad, mad nights!

The reason its so popular is that the cost to the individual is very low – £2 a print with unlimited prints available – but comes with a standard attendance fee for 3 hours of shooting.  For a service which gives so much fun its a very reasonable fee.

We’re going to be at the De Vere tomorrow night (Wednesday 3rd February) and we’ll tell you all about our Best Mates Forever promotion too.

So, if you’re a potential prom-goer (and it would be fanastic for birthdays or weddings too), why not pop down and check us out?  We’ll be set up to take photos too.  We’ll have a bit of a laugh and you can see what you think!

Take care


How to choose a photographer…

The best way is a testamonial so I’m going to copy one in here that I received from Carla and James recently.  I photographed their wedding back in 2008 and one of my favourite shots is the one below.

They’ve just had a little daughter, Betsy, and asked me to take some pictures of her at just 4 weeks old.  She was so cute!  I put together one of our fabulous Bebefoto packs for them and they were really pleased with the pictures.

Anyhow, Carla and James just sent me a little note which read as follows;

“Thank you so much for the truly amazing photos you took of Betsy!  We love them sooo much!  They really bring out her character, even at 4 weeks old!  We were so proud to give our parents such special gifts at Xmas.  We hope to visit you soon to get some prints.  Lots of love and many thanks again,

James, Carla and Betsy xxx”

How lovely is that?

You know where to come, guys, if you want some gorgeous pictures taking of your newborns.  I love little babies – so sleepy and tiny and fragile.  Perfect for photographing.

If you’re checking out a photographer for your wedding or for your portrait shots – just have a look at their testamonials page.  I don’t have a lot on there at the moment – (so completely contradicting myself on that already) but I’m hoping to update the site very shortly with new pictures for the gallery from last year’s weddings and new testamonials.