Izzy and Laurence

Just a little word to say good luck to Izzy and Laurence who get married today at St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s Church in Garstang.  They then go on to their reception at The Barton Grange Hotel. 

Its wonderful weather, you have a great church (did one there in January when it was a lot colder…!) and the best hotel around.  So you don’t really need luck!

See you later you two.



My Friend Sue

Sue and I met when we were about 13 years old at Queen Mary School in Lytham – now long gone, sadly.  We both did  O’level and A’level art together before I dropped out of 6th form and went off to do a Foundation course in Fine Art at Blackpool College.

Sue is just about the most elegant woman I know.  She always looks lovely in a very natural way.  Just recently she agreed to be a guinea pig for me – I usually photograph children and weddings,  So photographing a woman older than about 5 years was going to be quite different.  Here are the results.  Hope you like them.

Chris Steele-Perkins and Superfan

Ok, so the thing is I’m a wedding photographer.  And children’s photographer.  Its a world away from Magnum Agency and the photographers that own it like Chris Steele-Perkins.  These guys are what you would call serious photographers – they travel all over the world photographing stuff that is important and life-changing. World-changing.  And observing the places and people and events in our world that makes it the incredible place that it is.

Well I suppose weddings and having children is life-changing.  But, well, there you are.  Its in a smaller every day kind of way.  Don’t be offended – its important stuff.

So the other day, Chris Steele-Perkins phones me up and says….”you did that thing on Superfan a few months ago.  And the bloke you photographed looked like a very interesting sort of person”. 

And we have a conversation about it.  And the thing is …. how many wedding photographers in this country ever, ever, ever have that sort of thing happen to them?  

So I now officially can say …. “Chris Steele-Perkins called the other day.”


Just want to show you the latest review I’ve had on FreeIndex.  Val and Guido got married last year and they had a wonderful day in Southport.  Two of the nicest people I’ve met – I just so like them!

So here is what they wrote about me on FreeIndex…..

“Using Fotoamour for our wedding photographs was one of the wisest moves we have ever made. The photographer Jo Pearson put everyone at their ease and the photographs she took that day are amazing. She is like a breath of fresh air to photography, innovative, a perfectionist and extremely friendly. Would highly recommend them, you get extremely good value for money. Val and Guido Valentini. 

Ah….thanks Val and Guido.  

I only need another 43 good reviews on FreeIndex to become their No One Wedding Photographer.  So if you feel inclined to write something nice about me and Fotoamour….. the website address is www.FreeIndex.co.uk

Here are some more pictures from Val and Guido’s day last year.