National Photographic Awards – BIPP

Just to let you know that one of my children’s images has got through to the final round in the Affiliate category in the National Photographic Awards.

There ‘s a big bash taking place in Blehheim Palace in November – I’m going to get out my posh frock!

The image that has been nominated for the award is one I did a little while ago of a lovely golden haired boy called Gabriel.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it here until I know whether I’ve won or not.  So if anyone see’s his parent’s – Hayley and Nick – will you let them know?


Fiona and Sam

This wedding was a few weeks ago now but just thought I would post a few pictures from it to keep you all up to press on what I’ve been shooting.

I really liked this shot above – just as Fiona was arriving at The Barton Grange Hotel.

And this shot too – above – where Sam is just a bit overcome but Fiona is just having a ball as she walks up that aisle!

Fiona was the most glam bride – she really did look fantastic in her cheeky little fascinator hat.  A really unusual alternative to the veil thing.  And it suited her big brown eyes (and her face shape incidentally) down to the ground.

Their little girl was such a cutie too – not too sickly sweet but a proper little girl.  Some kids are just too confident but this she was a really nice child.

Whenever I pointed the camera at this young man he glowered at me!  It was quite intimidating sometimes!  But that’s the advantage of being behind the camera – you can take refuge behind it sometimes!

I had a bit of a laugh with the final group shot – I get bored sometimes with doing all the same thing and I just like to play around with groups a bit.  It depends how ‘up for it’ the people involved are – but this crew were all pretty good natured about it all.

Just some more shots from the day – I hope you like them.


Fiona and Sam were just a really nice couple – easy to work with and pleasant.  And of course the wedding was at the lovely Barton Grange.  Rob, Tom and Genevieve and all that bunch – great fun to work with.  Thanks for your kindness there.

Kirsty and Russ

Just posting this picture from Kirsty and Russ’s wedding in August. I like the image and the treatment of it. 

It was a lovely wedding at St. John’s Church with Lytham Green and it’s windmill as a backdrop for their couple shots. 

This picture was the one they chose for their thankyou cards.  And they’re really pleased with them – which is always really welcome news!  Congratulations you two – Mr and Mrs Bargh!