The Bump!

I have seen a lot of different maternity shots over the last couple of years and, whilst some of them are very lovely, its the ones shot by women that I mostly like.  The reason being that I think men shoot women in an entirely different, more sexy, way. 

Huge generalisation there.  But I think that most male photographers  see women very differently to the way that most women photographers see women.  You’ll note that I’ve italisized and underlined the ‘most’.  Wouldn’t want to excite a lot of male stereotyping rage.

When I attended the SWPP conference recently many of the photographers posed their brides as though they were awaiting a good ravishing from their groom.   Prone on the ground, arms thrown back behind heads in surrender, maybe hugging some bit of rock solid concrete in anticipation of the storms that they would shortly endure.  That’s nice. Not saying otherwise. 

But whilst there are plenty of ladies out there who like looking like they have been headhunted off Page Three, there are plenty more who want a gentler, more tender, more feminine image making.  And I think that maternity shots are one such area in particular where a woman wants to look like a beautiful mother-in-waiting.  Not a vamp having made a mistake!

So one of my lovely brides who has since become pregnant agreed, in the very latter stages of her pregnancy to pose for me as an experiment.  These are some of the results.  I’d like to do some more test shots if there is anyone out there who is pregnant and would like some free shots.  Just give me a call ladies!


Affiliate Award BIPP

Well this was the image that scooped the …… runner up Affliliate award for the National Photographic Awards at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on Saturday night.

The young man in question is Gabriel and he was such a sweetie with a real devilish grin but a lovely nature!  It was shot a few months ago now but still remains one of my favourite photo sessions.

It was a shame not to come away having won the main prize but I’m pretty pleased with runner-up at a BIPP national do.  Thanks to Rachel Madden at the BIPP for her kind words and guidance.

National Photographic Awards – BIPP

Just to let you know that one of my children’s images has got through to the final round in the Affiliate category in the National Photographic Awards.

There ‘s a big bash taking place in Blehheim Palace in November – I’m going to get out my posh frock!

The image that has been nominated for the award is one I did a little while ago of a lovely golden haired boy called Gabriel.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it here until I know whether I’ve won or not.  So if anyone see’s his parent’s – Hayley and Nick – will you let them know?

Portfolio pictures

I’m trying to get some work together for the MPA Cherubs scheme  – and to get my licenciate for the MPA, BIPP and SWPPA.  I don’t really think that letters after your name stand for much really – you either like the work or you don’t. 

So you make up your mind about these and tell me what you think.  I’d like to have your comments please!


My Friend Sue

Sue and I met when we were about 13 years old at Queen Mary School in Lytham – now long gone, sadly.  We both did  O’level and A’level art together before I dropped out of 6th form and went off to do a Foundation course in Fine Art at Blackpool College.

Sue is just about the most elegant woman I know.  She always looks lovely in a very natural way.  Just recently she agreed to be a guinea pig for me – I usually photograph children and weddings,  So photographing a woman older than about 5 years was going to be quite different.  Here are the results.  Hope you like them.

Chris Steele-Perkins and Superfan

Ok, so the thing is I’m a wedding photographer.  And children’s photographer.  Its a world away from Magnum Agency and the photographers that own it like Chris Steele-Perkins.  These guys are what you would call serious photographers – they travel all over the world photographing stuff that is important and life-changing. World-changing.  And observing the places and people and events in our world that makes it the incredible place that it is.

Well I suppose weddings and having children is life-changing.  But, well, there you are.  Its in a smaller every day kind of way.  Don’t be offended – its important stuff.

So the other day, Chris Steele-Perkins phones me up and says….”you did that thing on Superfan a few months ago.  And the bloke you photographed looked like a very interesting sort of person”. 

And we have a conversation about it.  And the thing is …. how many wedding photographers in this country ever, ever, ever have that sort of thing happen to them?  

So I now officially can say …. “Chris Steele-Perkins called the other day.”

Eleanor and Katy and Bebefoto

Before I started working on Fotoamour I was photographing children – pre-schoolers in the main.  And just recently I’ve had a lot of referrals for this kind of work.  I have a company called Bebefoto too – just another in the stable! 

I love photographing children, but I’m not really into just standard stuff.  Although the cheesy grin at the camera is inevitably the ‘money shot’ with parents, it is not the sort of image that ‘does it’ for me.   Because of the way that Bebefoto works I can indulge myself to a certain extent.

So I get to shoot the stuff I love about children – the curve of a toddler’s cheek, the tilt of a nose, the back of their necks (they aren’t even front on to the camera for goodness sake!).  These are the things that get forgotten but that make your child so special and unique to you.  It is like the smell that babies have … and lose once they get just a bit older.  And something that you can never recreate, because it is only about your own child.

They are the images that make my heart lift and take me back to the days when Myles and Barnaby were little.  Before they got more angular and their features lost the softness of babyhood.  Characteristics that are now lost and can only be recovered by some serious dredging of the memory bank.   Even the stuff that you perhaps wouldn’t have liked so much at the time – like the little bit of scaly ecezema behind the knees, or a birthmark that has now faded. 

So here are some pictures from some children’s shoots that I have done recently.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  Oh, and I’ve put some ‘money’ shots in too for those that want a little reassurance that I’m not a complete nutter!

So just to reinforce the ‘Jo is a nutter’ theory here are two shots of noses – well, not quite.  One is of a nose, a sweet upturned tilt of a thing and dusted with freckles, the other – the first – is of a little girl’s profile with a sweep of lashes (yes and horrors, slightly out of focus, but I like it purely for that reason – its slightly misty looking).  Sweet and innocent and lovely.

And this next set of three images should be seen as a sequence.  A moment of excitement and some giggling from a little girl.  Most people would settle for the final shot but I like the set of three – its a story of childhood, isn’t it?

Thanks to Eleanor and Katy’s parents who didn’t hesitate to allow me permission to put pictures of their lovely daughters on my blog to promote my business.  It was a generous act – thankyou.