I need a garter!

I’m not particularly partial to ‘The Garter Shot’.  You know – the one where the groom and his party get an eyeful of the bride’s garter-clad thigh.  Its a shot that belongs with a different school of photography to the one that I frequent.

However, I’m not averse to garters in general.  Just the predictable shots that go with it.

So if you’re looking for a very pretty garter drop by Stringer’s Department Store in Lytham centre and go into the card section.  They’ve got a really pretty one in a sort of antiquey soft lace.  A bit like the one here – won’t tell you whose thigh it adorned though!   Its not the kind of nylon lace that would chaffe an inner thigh either!!!

Well you know I don’t mince my words, guys!  Have fun x


What to do with your dress after The Big Day

The question of what to do with your dress after the Big Day may not occur to you until after the event itself.  Or maybe you’re one of those girls who has every little detail sorted.

Whatever you’re like, the probability is that you’re going to get the dress dry-cleaned.  If you’re going to keep it, you’ll want to make sure that its not going to get discoloured or damaged.  And if you’re going to sell it on – well, its got to be in tip top condition.

So here is a trade secret.  I know of a brilliant dry cleaners in St. Annes.  Even better, its only round the corner from where I live.

Fylde Coast Service Centre on Alexandria Drive (yes, I know it doesn’t sound like a dry cleaners but it is,I promise!) are incredibly professional and incredibly good at what they do.  They are old-school dry cleaners.  Meaning that they take time to explain the process to you and they’ll treat your dress with the respect it deserves.   They do repairs – great if you’ve ripped a hem with your Jimmy Choos!   They’ll even box it up properly – a boon whether you’re keeping it as a keepsake or selling it on.

And they don’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Fylde Coast Service Centre

9 Alexandria Drive

St. Annes

Telephone: 01253 722191

Trafford Centre Wedding Show 19th/20th February

For all those wedding show fiends out there………don’t forget the Trafford Centre Wedding Show the weekend after next.

There will be loads of stands to have a look at and you’ll be able to check out all the latest weddingy stuff. 

AND you’ll also have the benefit of having a mooch around some of the high street stores to get ideas about dresses for both you and the bridesmaids.  If your man is wearing a lounge suit rather than the full dress suit you’ll have lots of different options in places like John Lewis/French Connection/Zara. 

So its really worthwhile spending a bit of time mooching round the shops as well as the show.

And, as usual, don’t forget to come by and say hello!

Fiona and Sam

This wedding was a few weeks ago now but just thought I would post a few pictures from it to keep you all up to press on what I’ve been shooting.

I really liked this shot above – just as Fiona was arriving at The Barton Grange Hotel.

And this shot too – above – where Sam is just a bit overcome but Fiona is just having a ball as she walks up that aisle!

Fiona was the most glam bride – she really did look fantastic in her cheeky little fascinator hat.  A really unusual alternative to the veil thing.  And it suited her big brown eyes (and her face shape incidentally) down to the ground.

Their little girl was such a cutie too – not too sickly sweet but a proper little girl.  Some kids are just too confident but this she was a really nice child.

Whenever I pointed the camera at this young man he glowered at me!  It was quite intimidating sometimes!  But that’s the advantage of being behind the camera – you can take refuge behind it sometimes!

I had a bit of a laugh with the final group shot – I get bored sometimes with doing all the same thing and I just like to play around with groups a bit.  It depends how ‘up for it’ the people involved are – but this crew were all pretty good natured about it all.

Just some more shots from the day – I hope you like them.


Fiona and Sam were just a really nice couple – easy to work with and pleasant.  And of course the wedding was at the lovely Barton Grange.  Rob, Tom and Genevieve and all that bunch – great fun to work with.  Thanks for your kindness there.

The White Church Wedding Fair – 2nd October 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of The White Church at Fairhaven.  Not just because its a great building and a visually interesting backdrop for a wedding.  I like it because of the minister there.  David Phillips.  He is a minister of the ‘letting’ variety – someone who will, if you are a well behaved photographer, let you shoot from the front of the church rather than relegating you to the back.  He has a commercial understanding about a wedding and the value that people place upon photography – and hopefully that it benefits the church and markets the institution of marriage in the longterm.  There’s a picture of him greeting one of my grooms at the church a couple of years ago – not a brilliant shot but at least you know who he is now!

And I do believe that he is also a minister who will marry divorcees – not every minister will.  That surely indicates a level of understanding and compassion, as well as an understanding of the times in which we live.

Funnily enough I was invited to attend a wedding there last Saturday – as a guest.  It was a second marriage service.  And, as I sat and listened to David Phillips giving his sermon, it just reaffirmed what a very sensitive and understanding individual he is.   Incidentally he also gave the service at my own Dad’s funeral and, although my Dad was not a church-goer so not known to him, David took a lot of time to talk to my Mum and myself about the kind of person he was.  The result was a sermon that was right on the nail – kind and funny and gentle.  A very fitting tribute to a very special person.


Fotoamour, too, was set up with second marriages in mind – hence our very popular photo montage being included in our basic price range.  Not everyone wants an album, especially second time around.  And not everyone is comfortable with a photographer being with them all day. So we have strived to ensure that everyone, not just first time around couples, gets something that suits their needs.

There is a wedding fair being held at the White Church this coming Saturday.  And I hope you’ll make an effort to go along and check it out.  There are some great exhibitors, including other photographers – the great thing is that we’re all friendly with each other too.   That makes for a great atmosphere. There is also a great cake-maker – Cheryl, who’ll be exhibiting.  I’ve an idea Paul Rowley from Rowley’s catering might be there too – and they are really well worth investigating.

So check it out, come along and say hello and we’ll talk about your wedding …. and how brilliant it is to get married at The White Church.

Barton Grange Wedding Fair Sunday 19th September

Just a quick note to remind you all that the best wedding show in the area will be taking place at The Barton Grange Hotel between Preston and Garstang on the A6.

There are lots of wedding shows on this weekend – but the one that you really need to attend is there.  The Barton Grange is a fabulous hotel with great staff.

If you’re getting married, this is the show to attend!

See you there…….x

Izzy and Lawrence 24th July 2010

I did a wedding a couple of weeks ago for a lovely young couple, Izzy and Lawrence.   The men were all dressed up in kilts because there was a strong Scottish connection.  I had photographed in St. Mary and St. Michael’s Church in Garstang earlier this year and the reception was at one of my favourite places – The Barton Grange Hotel.

This photograph above was taken in the gardens at The Barton Grange.  I love those trees – are they Weeping Willows?  Anyhow I just think they form the best backdrop for a couple.

Check out these funky shoes too!

This guy, I can’t remember his name, was a family friend.  The same age as Barnaby and just the nicest bloke you could meet – he helped me with my ladder.    He was dressed in a suit and I don’t usually think it works well – trying to be a mini-adult.  But it really suited him (scuse the pun) and he looked like such a cool dude.  He reminded me of Barnaby – just a thoroughly nice chap with wild hair! Can’t remember your name, young man, but it was lovely meeting you and your parents (the videographers, Scottish and now living in Australia!).

And this little girl was such a sweetie too.

This was a moment full of anticipation – the final moments as a single girl before walking down the aisle to become a Mrs.

Thanks for booking Fotoamour, Izzy and Lawrence.  It was great to be a part of your day!

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