Amanda and Bill 20th March 2010

I’m ashamed to say that I never got round to posting the images from Amanda and Bill’s wedding in March of last year.  2010 was a year of change and was mad, panic busy on top.

Amanda and Bill’s wedding was one of those days where, even with great planning, things go a little awry.  The grounds outside the church were being dug up.  The minister patently had a bit of an aversion to photographers (though he was alright in the end).  And when we turned up at the reception – well, the doors were closed!

However,  Amanda was always incredibly gracious.  Always smiling.  Always happy.  A real lesson to all of you out there who are planning your big day to the last nth.  Somethings you just can’t control. 

But the reason that you’re there is to get that ring on your finger and cement the relationship with the man, or woman,  you love by stating your committment to them in front of your friends and family.  That’s the real deal.

So here, at long last, are the photos from the day.  Happy Nearly Anniversary Amanda and Bill.  Hope your dreams have come true.




A nice video story….

So I’ve been ranting on recently – not without just cause – about videographers.  I’ve had some challenging times this year with them.

So I was interested to find out what it would be like to work with Tom at Silk Wedding Videos this last Saturday at Shampa and Mike’s wedding at The Barton Grange Hotel.  You know…my favourite place to shoot weddings?!

I’d like to report back that Tom was great to work with.  Rather than him getting in my way and being a pain, I suspect that it was more likely to be me that was the problem for him.  He was just so easy to work with.  And I’m sure that his documentary style of working will produce great results for Shampa and Mike.  I’d love to see the finished film.

So… if you’re looking for someone who shoots video to match a photographer who (tries to)  shoot unobtrusively, give Tom a call.  I can’t recommend on the basis of the film itself because I haven’t seen any of his work.  But I can recommend him purely on his approach and his rapport with the rest of your wedding team.

And don’t forget to tell him where the recommendation came from.


Kirsty and Russ

Just posting this picture from Kirsty and Russ’s wedding in August. I like the image and the treatment of it. 

It was a lovely wedding at St. John’s Church with Lytham Green and it’s windmill as a backdrop for their couple shots. 

This picture was the one they chose for their thankyou cards.  And they’re really pleased with them – which is always really welcome news!  Congratulations you two – Mr and Mrs Bargh!

The White Church Wedding Fair – 2nd October 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of The White Church at Fairhaven.  Not just because its a great building and a visually interesting backdrop for a wedding.  I like it because of the minister there.  David Phillips.  He is a minister of the ‘letting’ variety – someone who will, if you are a well behaved photographer, let you shoot from the front of the church rather than relegating you to the back.  He has a commercial understanding about a wedding and the value that people place upon photography – and hopefully that it benefits the church and markets the institution of marriage in the longterm.  There’s a picture of him greeting one of my grooms at the church a couple of years ago – not a brilliant shot but at least you know who he is now!

And I do believe that he is also a minister who will marry divorcees – not every minister will.  That surely indicates a level of understanding and compassion, as well as an understanding of the times in which we live.

Funnily enough I was invited to attend a wedding there last Saturday – as a guest.  It was a second marriage service.  And, as I sat and listened to David Phillips giving his sermon, it just reaffirmed what a very sensitive and understanding individual he is.   Incidentally he also gave the service at my own Dad’s funeral and, although my Dad was not a church-goer so not known to him, David took a lot of time to talk to my Mum and myself about the kind of person he was.  The result was a sermon that was right on the nail – kind and funny and gentle.  A very fitting tribute to a very special person.


Fotoamour, too, was set up with second marriages in mind – hence our very popular photo montage being included in our basic price range.  Not everyone wants an album, especially second time around.  And not everyone is comfortable with a photographer being with them all day. So we have strived to ensure that everyone, not just first time around couples, gets something that suits their needs.

There is a wedding fair being held at the White Church this coming Saturday.  And I hope you’ll make an effort to go along and check it out.  There are some great exhibitors, including other photographers – the great thing is that we’re all friendly with each other too.   That makes for a great atmosphere. There is also a great cake-maker – Cheryl, who’ll be exhibiting.  I’ve an idea Paul Rowley from Rowley’s catering might be there too – and they are really well worth investigating.

So check it out, come along and say hello and we’ll talk about your wedding …. and how brilliant it is to get married at The White Church.

Videographers and vicars.

I shot a couple of weddings recently alongside some videographers and I have a tale to tell you. 

One of the selling points for Fotoamour is our lack of presence – in other words, we’re unobtrusive.  I go to great pains not to get in the way, to be discreet and to be part of the wall paper.  Its great for people who really don’t like having their picture taken. 

So…my lovely wedding couples….read on below and then ask yourself why you would book a videographer like those I am about to describe, when you’re booking me because of my ability to fade into the backgr0und and to avoid making you feel self-conscious?  Doesn’t that apply to videographers too?  Or is that something quite different?

A measure of our unobtrusiveness is that Fotoamour is generally quite popular with registrars, ministers and priests – that’s also because we’re not prima donna photographers.  We’re polite.  We ask them what we’re allowed to do and we try to respect their wishes whilst getting the best job for our B&Gs.  We don’t use flash unless we absolutely have to (and even then we hate doing so) and we don’t move around distracting the couple and their guests –  not much anyhow. And they like that.

So why is it then that some vicars and registrars won’t let one small polite photographer shoot from the front of the church BUT they will let a videographer, with the paraphernalia equivalent of that of a documentary BBC camera crew, set up their ugly and dominating tripods right in full and distracting view of the wedding party?   And a second shooter, kitted out like a suicide bomber, jumping up and down at the bottom of the aisle with camera whirring and furry stick thing waving around at every available opportunity?

Ministers, vicars, priests and registrars……why?  Tell me………WHY!!!?

Izzy and Lawrence 24th July 2010

I did a wedding a couple of weeks ago for a lovely young couple, Izzy and Lawrence.   The men were all dressed up in kilts because there was a strong Scottish connection.  I had photographed in St. Mary and St. Michael’s Church in Garstang earlier this year and the reception was at one of my favourite places – The Barton Grange Hotel.

This photograph above was taken in the gardens at The Barton Grange.  I love those trees – are they Weeping Willows?  Anyhow I just think they form the best backdrop for a couple.

Check out these funky shoes too!

This guy, I can’t remember his name, was a family friend.  The same age as Barnaby and just the nicest bloke you could meet – he helped me with my ladder.    He was dressed in a suit and I don’t usually think it works well – trying to be a mini-adult.  But it really suited him (scuse the pun) and he looked like such a cool dude.  He reminded me of Barnaby – just a thoroughly nice chap with wild hair! Can’t remember your name, young man, but it was lovely meeting you and your parents (the videographers, Scottish and now living in Australia!).

And this little girl was such a sweetie too.

This was a moment full of anticipation – the final moments as a single girl before walking down the aisle to become a Mrs.

Thanks for booking Fotoamour, Izzy and Lawrence.  It was great to be a part of your day!

A Good Car Company

Just want to tell you about a car company that I work with often. Every time I do I’m struck by what a great service they give their customers and how easy they are to work with.

David Brooks is the bloke who runs it, I think, along with the support of his wife and his son.  I see them often at wedding fairs and now, more frequently, at some of the weddings I shoot.  David is always immaculately turned out and unfailingly pleasant.  And he keeps out of shot unless specifically asked – what better could you get?

Website address and telephone 01772 814544.  Its worth giving them a call.

Tell ’em Jo sentcha!  Again………