The Bump!

I have seen a lot of different maternity shots over the last couple of years and, whilst some of them are very lovely, its the ones shot by women that I mostly like.  The reason being that I think men shoot women in an entirely different, more sexy, way. 

Huge generalisation there.  But I think that most male photographers  see women very differently to the way that most women photographers see women.  You’ll note that I’ve italisized and underlined the ‘most’.  Wouldn’t want to excite a lot of male stereotyping rage.

When I attended the SWPP conference recently many of the photographers posed their brides as though they were awaiting a good ravishing from their groom.   Prone on the ground, arms thrown back behind heads in surrender, maybe hugging some bit of rock solid concrete in anticipation of the storms that they would shortly endure.  That’s nice. Not saying otherwise. 

But whilst there are plenty of ladies out there who like looking like they have been headhunted off Page Three, there are plenty more who want a gentler, more tender, more feminine image making.  And I think that maternity shots are one such area in particular where a woman wants to look like a beautiful mother-in-waiting.  Not a vamp having made a mistake!

So one of my lovely brides who has since become pregnant agreed, in the very latter stages of her pregnancy to pose for me as an experiment.  These are some of the results.  I’d like to do some more test shots if there is anyone out there who is pregnant and would like some free shots.  Just give me a call ladies!



Barton Grange Wedding Fair Sunday 19th September

Just a quick note to remind you all that the best wedding show in the area will be taking place at The Barton Grange Hotel between Preston and Garstang on the A6.

There are lots of wedding shows on this weekend – but the one that you really need to attend is there.  The Barton Grange is a fabulous hotel with great staff.

If you’re getting married, this is the show to attend!

See you there…….x

Best Wedding Dress Supplier

Just want to tell you about a fabulous dress shop that I came across at The Tickled Trout wedding fair.  If you want something unusual and a bit vintagey this is the place to go.  I didn’t meet the lady who runs it but I did meet her Mum in the coffee place.  She was lovely!

Go down to Jenna Elizabeth Bridal  in Preston and have a look at the selection.

Address 146 Garstang Road, Preston, Lancashire PR2 8NA. 

Telephone number 01772 716703



There were some fabulous dresses – short and long but all very understated elegance rather than bling.  Very little in the way of strapless gowns that we’ve seen so much of in the last few years.  And I loved them all.  Jenna is a buyer with exceptionally good taste and a liking for vintage I think. 

Definitely go and check out her range of dresses – its exceptional.

Leyland Hotel Wedding Show 7th March 2010

I got a little reminder the other day from a lovely lady whose photograph I had taken at the Lancashire Evening Post Wedding Fayre at The Leyland Hotel.  She wanted to know where her photo was!!

So here you are, Jill, pictured with your scrumptious cupcakes.  And many apologies for not posting them sooner – I’ve had so many hassles with software and such a lot of work to process that the wedding fair thing took a backseat.  The only reason that Lytham Hall got a mention was because I had cracked the software problems by that stage!

Jill had a fabulous display of these lovely little goodies and you know how much I like cake?  Well, obviously –  I consumed a whole packet of French Fancies (special Easter edition lemon flavour) to myself this week in the space of 24 hours and 4 of those were in very quick succession….what an admission!   So you see, Jill and her special talents are very dear to my heart!  Her contact details are 01772 745936 mobile 07964 320175.  Go on, give her a call!

But also there was a really great wedding dress supplier, Susan Craig – from her card she doesn’t have a website but her telephone number is 01257 262737 and she is based in Chorley.  Anyhow, I liked her and I liked her dresses and shoes and stuff – so some of them are featured here.

There were also some great flowers there and, again, because it is quite a while since I did the show I have lost their details, but have a look below and if you like what you see give me a call and I’ll try and find them! 

And then obviously I took a few pictures of some of the people that visited my stand – there were some really nice ones too.  And I’m really glad to say that Victoria and her Mum, Carol below popped round a few days later and booked me to do Victoria and Mark’s wedding later this year at Park Hall.  It was actually the glorious shade of Victoria’s hair that got us talking in the first place – its this gorgeous auburn colour and it is entirely natural.  It really is!

And Jackie and Gerry Carter below stopped by too to talk about their wedding on 6th August next year.  Its going to be a busy month in 2011.

And finally a little thankyou to Garry Fishwick, the charming toastmaster that I met on the day, and who very kindly bought me a cup of coffee.  So I’m going to recommend him to you because, from talking to him, I really think he had a brilliant understanding of how a wedding day should run – and how he could play a part in it.  Visit his site at to get the low-down.  And what have you got to say?  Tell him Jo sentcha!