Chris Steele-Perkins and Superfan

Ok, so the thing is I’m a wedding photographer.  And children’s photographer.  Its a world away from Magnum Agency and the photographers that own it like Chris Steele-Perkins.  These guys are what you would call serious photographers – they travel all over the world photographing stuff that is important and life-changing. World-changing.  And observing the places and people and events in our world that makes it the incredible place that it is.

Well I suppose weddings and having children is life-changing.  But, well, there you are.  Its in a smaller every day kind of way.  Don’t be offended – its important stuff.

So the other day, Chris Steele-Perkins phones me up and says….”you did that thing on Superfan a few months ago.  And the bloke you photographed looked like a very interesting sort of person”. 

And we have a conversation about it.  And the thing is …. how many wedding photographers in this country ever, ever, ever have that sort of thing happen to them?  

So I now officially can say …. “Chris Steele-Perkins called the other day.”