Just want to show you the latest review I’ve had on FreeIndex.  Val and Guido got married last year and they had a wonderful day in Southport.  Two of the nicest people I’ve met – I just so like them!

So here is what they wrote about me on FreeIndex…..

“Using Fotoamour for our wedding photographs was one of the wisest moves we have ever made. The photographer Jo Pearson put everyone at their ease and the photographs she took that day are amazing. She is like a breath of fresh air to photography, innovative, a perfectionist and extremely friendly. Would highly recommend them, you get extremely good value for money. Val and Guido Valentini. 

Ah….thanks Val and Guido.  

I only need another 43 good reviews on FreeIndex to become their No One Wedding Photographer.  So if you feel inclined to write something nice about me and Fotoamour….. the website address is

Here are some more pictures from Val and Guido’s day last year.


When should I book my wedding photographer?

This is just a quick post and I may not get much chance to add some photos so forgive me in advance.

Book your wedding photographer (and your cars incidentally) as soon as you have sorted out your dates, booked the church and/or venue.  Obviously it depends on the state of your funds at the time but it should be the item that gets sorted after these other priorities.  Then comes any entertainment if you specifically want a particular person or act – in fact, if its that important to you I’d book this at the same time as you book photographers and cars. 

Invitations, flowers, cakes, venue dressing, make-up, hair, formal wear etc etc can all come later.  Dresses tend to be an emotional purchase but unless you see the dress of your dreams give yourself a little time so that you can investigate what’s available as thoroughly as possible.  I always think, if you can afford it, its worthwhile checking out wedding dress suppliers in London so you can get a much more up-t0-date idea of what is available.  Local dress shops can sometimes, though not always, carry stock which isn’t necessarily of the moment and maybe a little more middle-of-the-road.

All of this depends upon how close your wedding date is.  For a wedding in 2010,  you ought to have booked cars, photos and entertainment by now and be committing yourself to the rest too.  For a wedding in 2011, you can leave the second phase ie: invites etc. until this time next year.

And just be warned.  None of your suppliers will consider a verbal agreement as a binding contract.  Until you have returned the completed paperwork and paid a booking fee it won’t be considered a proper booking.  All wedding professionals will work on a first-come-first-served basis and won’t turn down another booking for your date until they have all the relevant paperwork in their hands.

Don’t wear rose-tinted specs about this or you might be disappointed.