The Bump!

I have seen a lot of different maternity shots over the last couple of years and, whilst some of them are very lovely, its the ones shot by women that I mostly like.  The reason being that I think men shoot women in an entirely different, more sexy, way. 

Huge generalisation there.  But I think that most male photographers  see women very differently to the way that most women photographers see women.  You’ll note that I’ve italisized and underlined the ‘most’.  Wouldn’t want to excite a lot of male stereotyping rage.

When I attended the SWPP conference recently many of the photographers posed their brides as though they were awaiting a good ravishing from their groom.   Prone on the ground, arms thrown back behind heads in surrender, maybe hugging some bit of rock solid concrete in anticipation of the storms that they would shortly endure.  That’s nice. Not saying otherwise. 

But whilst there are plenty of ladies out there who like looking like they have been headhunted off Page Three, there are plenty more who want a gentler, more tender, more feminine image making.  And I think that maternity shots are one such area in particular where a woman wants to look like a beautiful mother-in-waiting.  Not a vamp having made a mistake!

So one of my lovely brides who has since become pregnant agreed, in the very latter stages of her pregnancy to pose for me as an experiment.  These are some of the results.  I’d like to do some more test shots if there is anyone out there who is pregnant and would like some free shots.  Just give me a call ladies!